GrabFood Promo Code 25OFF Gets You $25 Off Your Order

Feeling sian of the food choices around your workplace but not a fan of food delivery services due to how expensive they are?

Not to worry, you’ll fall back in love with food delivery services all over again with GrabFood latest promo code – 25OFF – which instantly saves you $25 from your food orders.


The only catch? Spend a minimum of $40, excluding delivery.

If you’re not sure what you can get for $40, here are 3 GrabFood items that are now $15, all thanks to GrabFood’s latest promotion.

Do note that prices are not inclusive of delivery charges, so take that into consideration when ordering. This isn’t a sponsored post, but for the price these meals are going, it may as well be.

1. BBQ platter from Bayang

If you’re one who enjoys variety in your food, we highly recommend getting this BBQ platter from Bayang — an Indonesian restaurant at Clarke Quay that serves authentic Balinese food. 


Under normal circumstances, this BBQ platter will costs you a hefty $41.73. But with GrabFood’s promo code, this platter will set you back just $16.73.

Bayang’s BBQ platter has grilled prawns, mussels, squids and chicken skewers, so you’re getting the best from both ocean and land.

The platter is large enough to feed 2 people, so you can go Dutch with your friend or colleague and pay just $7.50 each — quite a steal!

2. Grilled Mexican steak (250g)

Muchos Bar & Restaurant, located at Plaza Singapura and Clarke Quay, is an eatery famed for its authentic Mexican dishes and drinks.

For $40.66 ($15.66 after discount), you can get yourself 250g of grilled Mexican Steak complete with salad and chips.


Unlike conventional steaks in Singapore that are drenched in thick gravy, Mexican steaks are relatively dry and heavily spiced.

Mucho’s steak also comes with a unique topping consisting of tangy bell peppers and sweet onions.

3. Manhattan’s flaming dory seafood platter

If you’re in need of some greasy treats for your cheat day. This is it.


Manhattan Fish Market’s flaming dory seafood platter includes huge portions of fried fish fillets, shrimps and abalone squid — all the gems of the sea in one extravagant platter.

Originally costing $43.95, this platter goes for just $18.95 after using GrabFood’s promo.

Promotion ends 20 Jan

GrabFood’s 25OFF promotion ends this Sunday (20 Jan). So utilise it while you can!

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Featured image from Muchos.