S’pore University Graduate Attempts Backflip At Convocation, Falls Flat On His Face Instead

University Graduate Smiles Sheepishly After Failed Backflip At Convocation

Graduating from university is one of the proudest moments in one’s life, a moment to remember forever.

Thus, some graduates might want to make it even more memorable by doing something special on stage to stand out among the many receiving their degrees on the same day.

One graduate decided to do a backflip to mark the occasion — to a sadly unfavourable outcome.

That’s because he fell flat on his face instead, to the amusement of the crowd watching offline and online.

Source: Reddit

Thankfully, the young man didn’t seem hurt as he got back up and smiled sheepishly before walking off the stage.

Graduate receives physiotherapy degree from SIT

The video was first posted on TikTok but has since been taken down. However, it later resurfaced on Reddit.

The clip started with the erstwhile graduate receiving his Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physiotherapy.

Source: Reddit

The course is offered in Singapore at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).

Graduate does backflip on stage

While walking off after receiving his degree, the graduate glances briefly at the audience before hesitating for a split second and crouching down.

Source: Reddit

He then leaps backwards into the air, to the surprise of at least one academic staff on stage who opens her mouth in amazement.

Source: Reddit

Unfortunately, he fails to stick the landing, falling flat on his face instead of on his feet. In the process, the graduate’s mortarboard ends up on the floor.

Source: Reddit

All smiles on stage after graduate does failed backflip

To the young man’s credit, he got up immediately, though the audience audibly roared in astonishment and bemusement at what happened.

It’s worth noting that there were also 199 people viewing the livestream of the event who were no doubt equally tickled at the man’s antics.

Thankfully, those on stage were all smiles, with the Presiding Officer helpfully retrieving his fallen mortarboard and handing it back to him.

Source: Reddit

The academic staff seated behind appeared to be grinning at one another as the graduate slinked off stage.

Netizens react to graduate’s stunt

Perhaps feeling secondhand embarrassment for the graduate, some Redditors said that he should have practised before attempting the stunt on stage.

Source: Reddit

Someone claiming to be a gymnast said he wouldn’t try that move in that situation as he was wearing too many loose items of clothing, among other reasons.

Source: Reddit

However, one Redditor felt we should just let the guy have fun as he’s young and didn’t injure anybody.

Source: Reddit

Other backflips during convocations

While he didn’t quite pull it off, perhaps the graduate wanted to emulate others who attempted backflips at their own convocations.

One Chinese woman at a British university did a backflip during her ceremony to loud cheers from the audience — probably because she landed gracefully on her feet, impressing the professors in the process.

Source: China in Pictures on X

On the flip side — literally — an American tried to do a backflip at his graduation and didn’t even manage to get halfway through it.

Instead, he fell on his back and shoulder, leaving it tingling for the rest of the ceremony, reported The Salt Lake Tribune.

Source: Instagram

At least the Singapore graduate has a physiotherapy degree, so he should know what to do if he has any lingering pain from the fall.

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