Arrest Of Hady Mirza Surprises Industry But Some Say He Is “No Stranger” To Mistakes

News of Hady Mirza’s arrest for alleged drug offences has rocked Singapore’s entertainment scene. The former Singapore Idol was reportedly on charges related to marijuana arrested while crossing into Singapore from Malaysia.

The 38-year-old has since been detained at a Drug Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) at Changi Prison Complex.

Local media has gone into overdrive covering his arrest, with The Straits Times publishing 5 stories about Hady in 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Hady’s celebrity acquaintances and friends have weighed in on his arrest. Here’s what they had to say:

1. “I pray for the best for him”

Fellow Singapore Idol alumnus Taufik Batisah had kind words for his successor:

It was really good to see him after a long while. No matter what, I pray for the best for him and his family and I do hope everyone will too.]

Taufik explained that he last saw Hady during Ramadan this year, when they bumped into each other at Downtown East. The duo are no strangers to each other, having released a Hari Raya-themed album in 2011.

2. “It was in a moment of weakness”

An unnamed friend in the entertainment industry admitted that Hady “used to make mistakes in his younger days”. But she continued,

I saw for myself how he made a 180 degree change, giving back to the community and putting others before himself.

I believe that it was in a moment of weakness that this happened, and we will encourage him and help him overcome his challenges when he comes out.

3. “He is no more an idol”

But not everyone had words of support for Hady Mirza. The singer’s friend, a certain Mr Jumari Salam, reportedly said,

Many of us lost contact with him, and now I feel like I need to find out more about what happened. It is so sad that he is no more an idol.

Ever heard of second chances, Mr Salam?

4. “Dismayed to learn about his stuation”

A spokesman for ArtisteNetworks, a subsidiary of Hady’s former record label, revealed that the company had not been in touch with the singer since his contract ended several years ago.

That being said, he said that Hady was known to be “good-natured” and that the company was “dismayed to learn about his situation”.

What’s DRC like?

Hady’s stint at the DRC could last as long as 3 years, depending on his case officers’ decision. The Singapore Prison Service, which runs the DRC, offers a 4-step programme to help drug users.

  1. Admission: During this phase, inmates are classified based on their security risks and rehabilitation needs. A Personal Route Map will be charted for each inmate, according to individual needs and risks.
  2. Deterrence: During the deterrence phase, inmates prepare for treatment by experiencing the harshness of incarcerated life.
  3. Treatment:  Inmates enroll into treatment programmes based on their needs and risk factors.
  4. Pre-release: They then prepare for reintegration into the community. Aftercare arrangements are also made available at this point.

As Hady goes through the process, we at MustShareNews wish him and his family the very best.

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