Haidilao Marina Square Has Talking Waiter Robots & VR Games For Those Who Don’t Want Manicures

Haidilao Marina Square Could Be First Of Many Robot Restaurants In Singapore

Haidilao guests who love getting free gel manicures before heading in for free-flow mala tang, can now look forward to keeping their better halves occupied.

Marina Square’s branch – slated to open soon – is Haidilao’s 11th bid at asserting the hotpot chain’s dominance in Singapore.

Artist’s impression of Marina Square’s Haidilao branch
Image courtesy of Haidilao

The massive space will span 6 shop units, designed around futuristic concepts like talking robot waiters, fully automated soup preparation & free 5G service for VR/AR gaming.

Haidilao’s first smart hotpot outlet in Beijing

We’re extremely excited at the numerous possibilities, since Changi Airport T4 has proved that humans are capable of serving themselves, while aided by machines.

One of Haidilao’s robot servers in Beijing

Here’s a quick look at what we’d love to see in Singapore, by examining what Haidilao Beijing offers.

Meet talking robot waiters who will serve your food

We know for a fact that Haidilao Singapore’s outlet will employ a horde of robot servers to entertain guests.

Picture platoons of blue-LED accented robots descending upon your dining table. If that doesn’t give you flashbacks to dystopian movie flicks, we don’t know what will.

Robot waiters tag team to serve guests in Beijing

Haidilao’s robot waiters in Beijing aren’t built to be a hindrance, but a much-needed assist to automate the ordering process.

Haidilao Beijing staff service the robots too

The adorable robots have a singular mission in their programming, to deliver ingredients within 10 minutes to your table.

They’ll even tell you if you’re in their way, and fully understand your priorities.


These robo-waiters are also built to withstand long hours of service, powered with enough juice to last a whole day, after a full night’s charge.

Summon food via iPads in 10 minutes

Like us, you’re probably curious about how ordering works. Guests in Beijing summon their personal robot servers by selecting ingredients on restaurant-provided iPads.

When an order is submitted, the robo-waiters will carry all the pork, chicken, seafood & tofu guests have ordered right to the table.

iPads with QR codes used at HDL Beijing’s restaurant

They’ll know exactly which table to go thanks to a ‘Tag Location’ function built within the system.

Beijing guests can summon food platters in minutes

Guests don’t even have to reason with Wall-E himself, if they decide to cancel an order or return an extra platter of pork.

Friendly human staff will help shepherd the robots along if there are changes, or if traffic gets unmanageable.

Extreme customisation of hotpot bases

Customising your soup base is arguably one of the defining features of the Haidilao experience. Beijing’s branch is no exception.

From levels of spiciness, oil, thickness of the broth, and unwanted ingredients, each pot will be carefully prepared via an ‘automatic flavoring machine‘, allowing your to customise each base to your liking.

Massive screens with mood projections

Mirrored displays and massive LED screens projecting ever-changing landscapes help set the mood for diners in Beijing’s flagship ‘smart’ Haidilao outlet.

Screen panels & projections at HDL Beijing

Besides amplifying the dining experience, we can expect all our favourite gimmicks at Singapore’s latest branch too — phone screen protectors, hair-ties, aprons & free-flow snack platters.

Self-service condiment station in Beijing’s HDL outlet

Sauce-mixing stations supplied with endless fresh fruits will probably be a fixture for guests who can’t get enough of their signature bean chilli mix.

AR & VR gaming corner with 5G network

Those who prefer their fingertips unvarnished while waiting in line, can look forward to a Virtual Reality (VR) gaming corner at Marina Square’s outlet.

Cinema for gaming with guests in HDL Beijing

Beijing’s iteration has an entire cinema dedicated to letting you challenge fellow guests to adorable live console games.

Beijing guests scan QR codes to challenge one another

Guests in Beijing simply scan the QR code onscreen with their phones to join the fun. As for Singapore, the outlet will be armed with a lightning fast 5G network, so you won’t have to worry about lag time.

Robots are here to stay

With the entire ordering & service process automated, taking stock & inventory of all the ingredients at the end of the day is a breeze for Haidilao Beijing’s staff.

The company also monitors waste disposal, energy & water consumption via smart AI systems.


Hopefully, Haidilao’s venture into the brave new world of robotics & automation will help propel Singapore’s dining scene into the future.

Here’s how to get there, pending an official opening date.

Address: Marina Square, 6 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039594, Unit #01-19 to 25
Nearest MRT: City Hall Station (Red/Green Line), Esplanade Station (Yellow Line) or Promenade Station (Blue Line)
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday

Are you ready to be served entirely by an army of Haidilao robots? Or is the prospect unappetising for you? Do let us know what you think in the comments.

Featured image adapted from CGTN, ThatMags & ChinaPlusNews on Twitter. Images used are for illustration purposes only.

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