Malaysian Comic Pretends To Steal Sneakers, Wins The Internet

Harvinth Skin

2018 isn’t over yet but we’re pretty sure we’ve found the best video of the year.

If you haven’t seen it yet — where have you been?! — here’s a recap:

  • Malaysian comic Harvinth Skin visits a JD Sports store in Malaysia
  • An attendant dutifully hands him a colourful pair of Puma kicks  to try


Like most people, Harvinth tries jumping in them, as any good aspiring athlete would

That’s when things got bizarre — he bolted for the exit.


He didn’t run to a different point in the store. Instead, he ran straight for the exit.


If I had been the employee, I’d have just stood there, shell-shocked. But not this man from JD Shoes — he ran after Harvinth at a decent pace.


But don’t worry, this wasn’t an episode of Miami Vice — just a twisted practical joke on the part of Harvinth.

The comic bolted back into the store, reassuring the panting store assistant that he had no intention of stealing the shoes at all.

The star of the video

Harvinth isn’t the star of the video, it’s the bespectacled store assistant, who was visibly relieved at the turn of events.

Heng ah.


How do you know you’ve truly gone viral? When a video you publish on Monday gets more than 20 million views by Thursday.

Featured image from Harvinth Skin’s Facebook.

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