You Can Support Hawkers With This New Delivery Service That Doesn’t Charge Them Commission Fees

FairPrice Group & WhyQ’s Delivery Service Lets You Support Over 100 Hawkers During Covid-19

Many hawkers are hopping onto food delivery platforms this ‘Circuit Breaker’, in hopes of retaining some customers during this difficult time.

As dine-ins remain prohibited, food vendors have to continue forking out commission fees to stay on these apps.

To help local eateries cut cost, FairPrice Group and WhyQ launched Marketplace  @  WhyQ, a commission-free delivery service for hawkers.


As you continue to stay home in Phase 1, you can order from their mobile app or website to join in the effort.

Inexpensive alternative for food operators

Food delivery is now part of the ‘new normal’ and Singaporeans can expect it to stick around for quite some time.

One of the many delivery services available is WhyQ, which now has a Marketplace  @  WhyQ icon on its homepage.

Image courtesy to WhyQ.

Simply click on the option and key in your address, to find more than 100 listings, ranging from pasta to satay bee hoon.

Image courtesy of WhyQ

What sets this delivery service apart from others is that it does not charge hawkers additional fees to list their store, helping them save costs.

Support hawkers by paying a little more

The prices of each meal are however hiked up by 6% to sustain the platform’s operational fees, according to WhyQ’s FAQ page.


Though so, this is a small sum if we want to extend a helping hand to hawkers who are struggling to earn a living amidst this pandemic.

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You can also opt for self-pickup if you want to save on delivery fees. Currently, delivery is available almost islandwide, so you can help hawkers from the comfort of your home.

Check out their delivery areas:


WhyQ has promo code for first-time users

An icing on top of the cake, the platform is providing incentives for Singaporeans using the service for the first time.

Image courtesy of WhyQ

Users can earn credits by referring WhyQ to their friends and family while spreading the word regarding this wholesome initiative.


You can easily order your dinner today via their mobile application or simply visit the website here.

Wishing hawkers all the best

With the extension of dine-in bans, eateries are certainly feeling the impact on their business.

We hope initiatives like this can lift up local food stalls, so we can enjoy our favourite delicacies at hawker centres after Covid-19.

Featured image adapted from Carousell & Instagram.

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