S’poreans Still Can’t Socialise With Friends After 1 Jun, Restriction Will Continue In Phase 1

Singaporeans Still Can’t Socialise With Friends In Phase 1, Social Activities Will Have To Wait

As Singaporeans look forward to life after ‘Circuit Breaker’, yesterday’s announcement may not be what you were expecting.

‘Circuit Breaker’ Will Lift On 1 Jun As Planned, Limited Family Visits & Religious Services Allowed

You may have already heard of the limited family visits, but what about other forms of social interactions? E.g. friends, or perhaps a significant other?

National Development Minister Lawrence Wong has clarified that we still aren’t allowed to go out freely and socialise with friends.

This is all in line with the government’s plan for exiting ‘Circuit Breaker’ in a careful, calibrated manner.

You can watch the press conference aired on Channel NewsAsia (CNA) in full.

Can’t socialise with friends yet, most restrictions to continue

As we know it, many restrictions in place today will continue in Phase 1.

Minister Wong understands our grief, saying “I know Singaporeans will be disappointed.” He shares,

I know many have been hoping that at the end of the ‘Circuit Breaker’ they can go out freely, to socialise with friends, meet families & relatives and even dine in together.

Unfortunately, all of these will have to wait.

Important to exit ‘Circuit Breaker’ in controlled fashion

Appealing for everyone to understand why such a controlled measure is necessary, Minister Wong said this is so that the virus will not flare up again.

We don’t want to sacrifice the efforts all of us have put in the last few weeks in controlling the outbreak.

Minister Wong said he hopes we can maintain our discipline a while longer, as Phase 1 is expected to carry on for a few more weeks after 1 Jun.

Let’s all be a little more patient

While this is definitely not the news we were waiting for after ‘Circuit Breaker’ ends, opening up too quickly and letting social activities freely resume would undoubtedly increase the risk of Covid-19 flaring up again.

Neither of us wants another ‘Circuit Breaker’ to happen.

So let’s all be a little more patient, and curb our desires of going out. It’s better to let Covid-19 die first, than your inner social butterfly.

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