10 JJ Lin Facts About This Homegrown Talent You Need To Know About

Multi-talented JJ Lin is more than just a singer

Last week (20 Nov), JJ Lin was out shopping when he heard a busker perform his song “River South”. He then surprised the busker by singing a duet with him, and a clip of this performance went viral online, attracting over 4.6million views.

From the footage, it seems like JJ has no airs around him, and has certainly not let success get into his head.

There’s more to this talented musician. Here are 10 things you never knew about him.

1. His English name is…

Bruce Wayne.

Although he is popularly known as JJ Lin – his stage name derived from his Hanyu Pinyin name Lin Junjie – family and friends address him as Wayne.

Maybe he’s secretly Batman in disguise?


2. He’s a family man

The Taiwan-based singer might have been away from home for a long period of time, but he has constantly been missing his family. At JJ Lin’s Timeline: Genesis World Tour homecoming concert held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in September this year, JJ invited three family members – his mother, father, and brother – on stage to perform with him during his encore.


JJ taking the stage together with his father and brother.


3. He wants to get married soon

At the same concert, JJ reminisced about his time in Singapore. He spoke about his music dreams, family, friends, and love — this was where he had his first girlfriend. The 34-year-old also expressed slight envy that his friends were settling down and starting their own families.

With his charisma, it seems like the musician would have no problems finding a wife – during his concert, fans were heard declaring their love for the singer more than once, with some even expressing their interest in bearing him children.

4. He is faithful

The Taiwanese media has constantly painted JJ out to be a playboy, linking him to names like singer Linda Liao, model-host Lilian Chen, and host Weng Tzy Mann.

But he has proved otherwise with his actions.

Check out this video dated back to 2004, when JJ first expressed admiration for singer Hebe Tien.

Since then, his long-time crush on Hebe has been much publicised, with Chinese news reports quoting him as saying that he had been “admiring Hebe secretly for 10 years”.

In July 2013, JJ publicly declared his love for Hebe at his concert at the Taipei Arena. On the day of the concert, JJ was egged on by his special guest Jolin Tsai to give Hebe some soy milk and dough fritters — the name of one of the songs he performed. He also invited her to sit on a specially constructed swing with him, and serenaded her with his song “Little Dimple”.



5. He has his own lifestyle brand

With JJ’s passion for fashion, pop art, and street scene, the brand SMG was born. SMG is an acronym for “Still Moving UnDer Gun firE”, or SMUDGE. SMG recognises life’s stressful moments and how one should still move on despite feeling that “he or she is “under gunfire” at times”, and aims to reflect these beliefs into their products’ design.

SMG used to have a store at Cathay Cineleisure, but has since closed.

Nonetheless, the brand is still available online. Its flagship store can also be found in Taipei.


6. He is a Star Wars fan

Now we know who’s a fanboy.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.08.18 pm Source

And coffee simply tastes better in a Darth Vader mug…

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.08.28 pmSource

Now that the force has already awakened at Changi Airport, we wonder if the homeboy would be returning home to see Star Wars come to life.

7. He broke a Guinness record

In July 2007, he signed 3,052 copies of his album “West Side” in just 2.5 hours, earning him an autograph-signing world record. This averages out to 2.7 seconds per CD signed.


Further, he was not allowed to eat or drink during the signing.

Kudos to his dedication.

8. He can draw

Prior to the 2007 Guinness Record event, one would have expected JJ to rest his hands to rise up to the autograph challenge.

However, this was what he had been doing:

It was supposedly a self-portrait, but we think it looks more like an anime character.

Still, A+ for effort.

9. He wrote a song out of jealousy and it became an award-winning song

One of JJ’s best-remembered ballads, Remember/记得, was penned when he was 18. Behind this composition lies a bittersweet story – JJ wrote this song out of jealousy after his then-girlfriend in junior college told him she dreamt that she was a mutual friend’s love interest.

At the 17th Compass Awards Presentation, the song even won the Top Local Chinese Pop Song trophy. After his win, JJ did not forget to thank his ex-girlfriend who gave him the inspiration:

10. He is insecure about revealing his forehead

If you’re observant enough, you would have noticed that JJ usually sports his signature fringe in most/ all of his pictures posted online.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 3.05.28 pmSource

Like some girls without their long luscious locks, JJ feels unconfident without his fringe.

Now we know star power does not necessarily equate to confidence.

Straight out of Singapore

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 3.52.05 pmSource

Now, who says locals don’t have talent?

JJ might have made it big, but he has certainly not forgotten to stay humble and down-to-earth.

We’re proud that JJ Lin is Singaporean.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. –cues 2010 YOG song

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