hoolah Lets You Buy A Sofa For Less At Checkout & Donate Cashback To Covid-19 Frontline Workers

Helping people in need while coping with the economic impacts of Covid-19 ourselves can be difficult. But what if there was a way to buy your mum that handbag she’s been eyeing for Mother’s Day, while supporting frontline healthcare workers at the same time?

hoolah, Singapore’s leading “Buy Now Pay Later” retail platform, lets you buy what you need and put your shopping to good use.

To reward do-gooders, you’ll even clock double cashback if you choose to donate the amount to a meaningful cause. So the more you spend, the more you can give.


What a great way to reward your loved ones and help others in these trying times.

Here’s a peek at what you can find on hoolah’s platform, which hosts a wide array of merchants from fashion, furniture, lifestyle products & electronics.

Quality sound systems for your DIY home cinema

Working from home during the Circuit Breaker period can be a quiet affair when everyone’s staring at their screens all day.

Share chill tunes while letting your good vibes lift the household’s mood via SONOS’ compact & chic Bluetooth speakers.

SONOS Move ($729) / hoolah: $243 x 3 months

Movie nights for the fam won’t ever be the same either. Simply hook up the speakers to your Smart TV screens and you’re all set to screen The Platform on Netflix with HD sound for maximum adrenaline rush.

The SONOS Move costs $729, but with hoolah, you only have to pay $243 on your first purchase. The remaining cost can be covered in similar interest-free installments over the next 2 months.

Sound giant Sennheiser is also offering gorgeous earbuds in 2 tones – Black & White – promising premium audio quality while you jam out to Spotify’s Top 50.

MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 ($449) / hoolah: $149.67 x 3 mths

Besides, you can also go into Work From Home calls on Google Meet in full confidence that your colleagues won’t just be admiring your ‘no makeup’ face, but also your ear candy.

Pamper your skin with essential products before masking up

Don’t forget that spending long hours behind the glow of a computer can take a toll on your skin too.

Stocking up on skincare products would be a good idea and Paula’s Choice has a wide range to cater to every skin type.

Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Moisturizer ($56) / hoolah: $19 x 3 mths

Choose from their range of moisturisers like best-selling Omega+ Complex Moisturizer which promises to restore a rosy glow to dehydrated skin. A 50ml bottle costs $56, or only $19/month for 3 months via hoolah.

If you’re plagued with combination skin – which is neither too dry nor too oily – do consider Skin Inc‘s offerings as an alternative. Their short quiz will help you identify your skin type, before a bespoke serum is recommended to you.


Maintaining healthy visages is a key part in ensuring our personal well-being, but long-term skincare investments usually involves precise budgeting.

With hoolah’s help, we can essentially split the cost and pay as we’re using the products over the quarter.

Scandinavian-style furniture & new kitchen appliances

You’ve spruced yourself up, now it’s time to do the same for your home, especially with Hari Raya fast approaching. Thankfully, you can checkout big ticket items too via hoolah.

HipVan‘s Croft 3 Seater Sofa makes for a cozy gathering point for your family to snuggle up and watch TV together.

Croft 3 Seater Sofa – Timberwolf ($1,199) / hoolah: $399.67 x 3 mths

The best way to kickback and relax on the comfy couch is to do so without worrying too much on a heavy upfront payment.

Hari Raya wouldn’t be complete without cakes and cookies. But with no bazaars, you’ll now have time & resources to add your icing to homemade cakes.

Having top of the line equipment like Kenwood’s Chef XL Sense stand mixer will give you the confidence of a master chef — along with mugging online recipes.

Kenwood’s Chef XL Stand Mixer ($799) / hoolah: $266.33 x 3 mths

Once you’ve tasted the thrill of baking your own treats, you’d save even more in years to come by foregoing the overpriced, ready-made cookies.

Though we can’t venture outdoors this Hari Raya, giving the family home a makeover could lift everyone’s spirits and get them into a festive mood. You’ll also get 10% cashback via hoolah for your purchases, so handing out green packets to the kids will be a lot less painful.

Donate to those in need while satisfying your shopping needs

As our frontline healthcare staff provide their patients with the best care possible, those among us who can afford to give back should consider chipping in.

Image courtesy of hoolah

The Courage Fund, kickstarted by The Community Chest under the National Council of Social Services (NCSS), provides monetary relief to Singapore citizens affected by the Covid-19 health crisis — this includes healthcare staff, frontline workers or volunteers.

Keep your cashback or donate double the returns

Here’s how hoolah’s cashback promo works. From 16-19 Apr, all purchases via their platform will entitle you to cashback, which you can either keep or donate to those most affected by Covid-19 via The Courage Fund.

3 installments with 0% interest

Donating will double the original cashback amount, so you’ll literally be giving more than you were bound to receive.

Also, you can partake in hoolah’s sweepstake where 5 people stand a chance to win S$400 cash – this is an extra way to get rewarded while spreading the word on doing good with your friends

Image courtesy of hoolah

Simply fill in your name and email address and voila. You’re in. You’re encouraged to invite your friends to join too, as more entries mean higher chances of winning.

Image courtesy of hoolah

With more Singaporeans joining the campaign to donate their cashback, we’ll hopefully be able to raise more money for The Courage Fund. You can apply via the link here.

How to hoolah during your next checkout

To all those who are already raring to buy items through hoolah, we’d suggest you get on with that. Managing your payments is as easy as these 4 steps:

  1. Pick the items from a store
  2. Checkout using hoolah
  3. Pay ⅓ of the amount upfront
  4. Receive items first & hoolah will pay the store for you

You’ll get reminder email before each installment is due, subsequent deductions will be made automatically.

Automated installment deductions

Payment can be made via debit or credit card from any local banks. You also don’t need to worry about interest, processing fees or hidden costs, as there aren’t any.

Every small contribution matters

hoolah lets you help yourselves while helping others, so there’s no better place and time than now to shop and donate.

Since you’ll be buying something anyway, why not channel some of your money to those in need?

The Covid-19 situation has left long-lasting impacts on many individuals and families across our society. Most of all, every little bit of assistance counts.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with hoolah.

Featured image adapted from SONOS, Paula’s Choice and HipVan.