18 Hand Sanitiser Products Wholesale Recalled By HSA

Amid an uptick in Covid-19 community cases, Singaporeans are encouraged to keep up their personal hygiene — hand sanitisers are a handy tool in the fight against the pandemic.

Between Feb-Apr, however, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) did a recall of 18 hand sanitiser products, including those from Guardian, Lifebuoy, FairPrice, and Cuticura.


The recalls were done on a Class 2 level, meaning on a wholesale level. Also, the recalls may have already been done.

However, in case you have one of the products at home, you can check the batch code on the product against the list. Not all batches are affected unless specified.

HSA recalls 18 hand sanitiser products from Feb-Apr

HSA’s press release on 1 Feb informed that it is recalling 18 hand sanitiser products.

The full list is as follows:

  1. Asepso™ Professional Hand Sanitiser (Batch: B42M)
  2. Cuticura Hand Sanitizer (all batches)
  3. Epi KleenGel Hand Sanitizer Gel (all batches)
  4. Guardian Lavender & Passion Flower Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser (Batch: 9K28DF)
  5. Guardian Aloe & Korean-Mint Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser (Batch: 0D32DF)
  6. Kundal Fresh Water Hand Sanitizer+ (Batch: BN227)
  7. Sanitelle® Instant Hand Sanitizer Antiseptic Gel Kids (all batches)
  8. Cath Kidston® Moisturising Hand Sanitiser (all batches)
  9. 红月亮® Redmoon 抑菌免水净手凝胶 Bacteriostat Wash Free Hand Wash Gel (all batches)
  10. We11 Daily Instant Hand Sanitiser (all batches)
  11. Cool Day’s Peppermint Instant Hand Sanitizer (all batches)
  12. Walch® Instant Hand Sanitizer (Batch: TG01)
  13. TP 706 Hand Sanitiser (Exp: 10/03/2022)
  14. Lifebuoy Instant Hand Sanitizer (Batch: OD13UL)
  15. FairPrice Hand Sanitiser Lavender (Batch: 201251-001)
  16. germ-X® Advanced Hand Sanitizer Original Scent (all batches)
  17. Sanigen Gel Hand Refreshing Gel 600ml (all batches)
  18. Yuri® Hand Gel Green Tea Extract (all batches)

The reason for the recalls is due to “detection of acetaldehyde and/or methanol at levels above the pharmaceutical pharmacopeia limit.”

Hand sanitiser ingredients above limits

Acetaldehyde is a compound that can be toxic in large amounts and if you’re familiar with hangovers, that might be due to acetaldehyde.

Methanol is another type of alcohol that’s not suited for drinking.

Both can be found in hand sanitisers, but HSA had determined that these products contained the chemicals in levels above industrial limits.

The recall is classed at level 2, which means that the recalled products have issues that would not likely cause serious adverse health outcomes.

Check on your product’s batch number

According to HSA, wholesale suppliers should stop supplying batches of the product and return what stocks they have to the company.

Given the timing of the announcement, this may have already been done.

Not all batches are affected, so we do advise checking the batch number on your product at home to find out.

Image by MS News

However, there may still be supplies of some products on places like Shopee.

HSA has advised that there’s no serious health risk in the recalled products, so there’s not a big cause for alarm.

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Featured image adapted from Carousell, Carousell, and Shopee.