S’pore Uncle Sells Ice Cream Sandwich With Wrapper Intact, Says Removing It Means Dining In

Uncle Sells Ice Cream Sandwich With Wrapper Still Intact

Ever since dining-in privileges were taken away from us, things haven’t been the same. One Twitter user faced a bizarre situation when he purchased an ice cream sandwich from his local ice cream uncle.

Upon receiving his order, he noticed that the wrapper around his ice cream was still intact even though it was already sandwiched between the rainbow bread.

The explanation the uncle gave was apparently that new measures don’t allow him to remove the wrapper — otherwise, the customer would be deemed to be ‘dining in’.

The hilarious encounter made the customer’s Tweet recounting the incident go viral, with over 2,000 retweets at the time of writing.

Customer gets ice cream with wrapper still around it

On Monday (17 May), Twitter user @almalik_faizal shared about his experience purchasing an ice cream sandwich during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).


He attached a picture of his ice cream sandwich and lo and behold, the wrapper was still intact.
Seeing the cardboard casing still around the block of ice cream, sandwiched between a slice of rainbow bread and packed in a plastic wrapper, one would wonder if it has greater protection than our thin face masks.

Uncle apparently claims wrapper removal equates to dining in

When Almalik asked the uncle why the wrapper was still there, he received the most curious response.

Apparently, according to the uncle, the government doesn’t allow him to remove the wrapper. Doing so would mean that customer is dining in.

Perhaps tickled by his response, Almalik recounted the exchange online, sending many Twitter users laughing.

Now we’re not sure if the uncle’s claim is true, but we certainly don’t fault him for erring on the side of caution. Points to him for being extra careful during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).

Nothing like ice cream on a hot day

With warm and drier days ahead of us, the idea of getting a cold treat sure sounds great.

And buying some from an ice cream uncle will surely make his day, especially during these difficult times.

So if you ever need some relief from the blistering heat, why not stop by an ice cream cart and get an ice cream sandwich? Doesn’t matter if it comes in a wrapper or two.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter and Carol Fraser on Flickr, for illustration purposes only.

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