Warmer & Drier Weather For S’pore In Last Week Of May, So Stay At Home To Escape Heat & Covid-19

Rainfall Will Be Below Average For May, Warm & Humid Conditions To Continue At Night

Now that we’re not allowed to dine out for the next month thanks to Covid-19, most Singaporeans will probably be spending more time at home.

Suitably, the weather in the last week of May will be warm, which will encourage us to stay at home to beat the heat and virus.

According to the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS), Singapore will have drier and warmer conditions, despite some rain.

Thundery showers on some days

In a media release on Monday (17 May), the MSS said in the 2nd half of May, we can still expect thundery showers on some days.

These will occur in the late morning and early afternoon.


It’s due to the current inter-monsoon conditions, which will remain for the rest of the month.

They’re characterised by a few signs:

  1. Light winds and strong land heating in the daytime, which leads to
  2. Localised and intense thunderstorms
  3. Higher-than-usual lightning activity

Thus, in the rest of May, we’ll see pretty much what we saw in the 1st half and Apr.

Sumatra squalls will bring morning rain

The MSS also said that a continuing weather phenomenon known as “Sumatra squalls” may develop.

The condition is caused by the convergence of low-level winds over the Strait of Malacca.

It will head east across Singapore, also bringing thundery showers and gusty winds, but this time between the pre-dawn and morning hours.

Less rainfall as monsoon moves away

However, in the last week of May, the “monsoon rain band” will move further north of the Equator, away from Singapore.

This will result in less rainfall over Singapore.


The overall rainfall for the month is predicted to be below average for some parts of Singapore, MSS added.

Warmer & drier weather

Apart from less rainfall, a low pressure system will also form over the northern South China Sea.

Combined, these will bring warmer and drier conditions over Singapore and the region, MSS said.

Thus, the rest of May is expected to be warm, with drier weather in the last week.

Temperature up to 35°C on some days

Since the weather will be warm, the daily temperature will be between 24-34°C on most days.

In the last week, the drier weather will add to the warmth.

Thus, the temperature in the daytime may go up as high as 35°C on some days.

At night, it may also be warm, as prevailing winds from the southeast or south will bring warm and humid air from the sea over the land.

Prepare for the temperature at night to go up to about 28°C.

Stay home and pump up the aircon

Since we’ll be expecting warmer weather soon, it shouldn’t take too much convincing for Singaporeans to stay at home and pump up the aircon.

After all, we’ve been encouraged to stay home during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) anyway.

However, if you’re the sort who like warm weather, you may head to our nature spaces like parks – but be sure not to gather in groups and follow safe management measures.

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Featured images adapted from Kym Ellis @ Unsplash.

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