Indonesia Reports 1st Covid-19 Death, Was A 53-Year-Old Foreigner With Other Illnesses

Indonesia Has Its 1st Covid-19 Death On 11 Mar, Country’s Total Confirmed Cases At 27

Indonesian authorities reported on Wednesday (11 Mar) that a patient with the Covid-19 virus has died.

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According to The Straits Times, the deceased was a 53-year-old and apparently a foreigner — the announcement didn’t reveal her nationality. However, her embassy has been notified.

The tally for Indonesia stands at 27 confirmed cases and 1 death, as of today.

First Covid-19 death in Indonesia had underlying health conditions

The patient apparently had several other health conditions, which could have contributed to her death.

Mr Achmad Yurianto, speaking as a spokesperson for Indonesia’s Covid-19 task force, explained that Covid-19 had weakened her immune system.

These conditions included high blood pressure, obstructive lung disease and also hyperthyroidism — the latter of which can cause rapid or unsteady heartbeats.

She passed away at 2am on Wednesday (11 Mar) at an unknown hospital.

Covid-19 can wreck havoc on those with other conditions

So far, those who’ve succumbed to Covid-19 mostly have had other health conditions, as with Indonesia’s 1st death.

Interestingly, younger patients have mostly made fully recoveries as well, and the statistics seem to correspond with those of advanced age having more difficulty coping with Covid-19.

As for Singapore, we’re lucky to be able to record 0 deaths from the virus so far, despite several patients having to be monitored 24/7 in intensive care units.

However, this record cannot last forever and we, too, have to be prepared for a first fatality or more.

Hopefully for both Indonesia and Singapore, the healthcare system is able to provide for patients.

Featured image adapted from Jakarta Post, image for illustration purposes only.

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