S’pore Influencer Mongabong Announces Pregnancy, Baby Due In January

Singapore Influencer Mongabong Announces Pregnancy On Instagram

One of the most transformative moments in a couple’s life is when they find out they are going to be parents.

On Saturday (23 Jul), Singapore influencer Mongchin Yeoh, better known as Mongabong, announced on Instagram that she is pregnant with her first child.

She first broke the good news to her husband Matthias back in May.

In a YouTube video on Sunday (24 Jul), Ms Yeoh shared that the baby is due in January next year.

Mongabong shares news of pregnancy

On Saturday (23 Jul), Ms Yeoh took to Instagram to share a video of herself surprising her husband with the happy news.

She did so by asking him to take out a bun she had put in the oven (get it?). When he did so, he found her positive pregnancy tests inside.

Source: MONGABONG on YouTube

Happy and thankful, the couple celebrated the joyful moment with hugs and laughter.

Ms Yeoh revealed that they have been praying for a baby for some time now.

She added that this had been one of the “biggest secrets” she’s ever had to keep, as well as the “toughest to hide”.

Ms Yeoh had only shared the news with her closest friends and family over the past three months, but she has finally decided to tell her followers as well.

After all, she said, she has been open about her health problems, having struggled with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), fertility issues, and more over the years.

She then concluded her post by admitting that she does not know if she is ready or will ever be ready for this new journey. But with the support of everyone, she knows she will be all right.

Has bad morning sickness

In a series of Instagram Stories, Ms Yeoh shared that she first found out about the pregnancy via a test kit. She was three weeks pregnant then.

At eight weeks, she and her husband went for her first ultrasound scan, which confirmed her pregnancy.

When she heard that her baby was healthy, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

Source: @mongabong on Instagram

Ms Yeoh also shared videos of the ultrasound image.

influencer mongabong pregnancy

Source: @mongabong on Instagram

However, her journey has not been all smooth sailing as she was hit hard with morning sickness.

At week seven of her pregnancy, she spent 95% of her day feeling nauseous, and could only stomach soda crackers.

influencer mongabong pregnancy

Source: @mongabong on Instagram

She is currently still experiencing this at the 16-week mark.

Nonetheless, Ms Yeoh has chosen to look on the bright side of things after learning that expecting mothers who experience bad morning sickness reportedly have a lower risk of miscarriage.

Shares joyful news with loved ones

On Sunday (24 Jul), Ms Yeoh revealed more details about her pregnancy in a 13-minute YouTube video.

It showed that she first got a positive pregnancy test result on 9 May. She shared the news with her husband later that evening.

During her reveal, she said that the baby is likely due in January.

After confirming the pregnancy, they began informing their friends and family from 3 Jun.

influencer mongabong pregnancy

Source: MONGABONG on YouTube

Ms Yeoh said she and Matthias are overjoyed with this “gift from God”.

She’s glad to finally be able to share the news with everyone and prays that she will be able to bring her child to full term “healthily and smoothly”.

You can watch her full YouTube video about her pregnancy here.

Wishing her a smooth pregnancy ahead

Finding out about a long-awaited pregnancy is an unrivalled experience.

What makes this even more meaningful and miraculous is the fact that Ms Yeoh was diagnosed with fertility issues, but now, she is waiting to welcome a new member into her family.

Congratulations to Ms Yeoh and her husband on the impending arrival of their little one. We hope she has a smooth pregnancy ahead.

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Featured image adapted from @mongabong on Instagram.

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