Outlet Closed Till Further Notice, NEA Officers Deployed To Monitor Cleaning Of Locations Visited By TTSH Cases

The Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) cluster has undoubtedly unnerved Singaporeans.

Since it was uncovered less than 1 week ago, it’s already expanded to 35 cases.

As more people test positive, more places in Singapore are being flagged as having been visited by them during the infectious period.

One of them is the innisfree at Waterway Point, which will close till further notice after a staff tested positive.

The innisfree outlet at Waterway Point was visited on 5 days by a TTSH cluster case.

It has undergone disinfection, together with 25 more places that have already been deep cleaned and disinfected.

MOH flags places visited by TTSH cluster cases

On Friday (30 Apr), MOH said 21 locations would be closed for at least 2 days after being visited by infectious cases.

From Saturday (1 May), MOH made a point to flag locations that were visited by TTSH cluster cases with an asterix (*).

Notably, the innisfree at Waterway Point was visited on 5 separate days for about more than 10 hours each time:

  1. Apr 20, from 10.05am-8.35pm
  2. Apr 23, from 10.30am-8.30pm
  3. Apr 24, from 10.30am-9.20pm
  4. Apr 26, from 10.30am-8.15pm
  5. Apr 29, from 10.40am-9.35pm


One might wonder why someone would visit innisfree so often and for so long.

That’s because that case works as a retail staff there.

Innisfree Waterway Point closed till further notice

On Monday (3 May), innisfree posted on Facebook that it would close their Waterway Point outlet till further notice.


The woman had visited a family member at TTSH on 25 Apr, and didn’t show any symptoms of Covid-19.

Nevertheless, MOH swabbed her on 30 Apr and the test returned as positive on 1 May.

All her colleagues who’ve been in contact with her have also been tested, and their results are pending.

The store was disinfected on 2 May.

Other locations visited include Hougang Mall

Here are some other locations visited by TTSH cluster cases. They’re highlighted with an asterix (*).

This is the list for 17 Apr.


Here’s the list for 18 Apr:


And here’s the list from 19 Apr onwards.




NEA officers deployed to monitor cleaning

Besides innisfree Waterway Point, 25 other locations have also been similarly cleaned.

This was revealed in a media release on Tuesday (4 May) by the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE).

Underlining the gravity of the situation, National Environment Agency (NEA) officers were deployed to monitor the cleaning and disinfection of these places.

Their job is to make sure they’re conducted according to NEA guidelines in place since the 1st Covid-19 case was reported in Singapore in Jan 2020.

These guidelines are meant to assist owners and operators of public places visited by Covid-19 cases in cleaning and disinfecting their premises.

Astons Marina Square, which was visited by a TTSH cluster case on 18 Apr.

On Monday (3 May), MOH added only 1 location to the list: Hougang Mall, which was visited by a TTSH cluster case on Saturday (1 May) from 4.35-5.20pm.

Hopefully, the number of locations will go down if fewer cases are added to the TTSH cluster.

Quick action will hopefully mitigate spread

It’s scary to think that we might have unwittingly come close to an infected person in public. Thus, if you were at innisfree Waterway point recently, do monitor your health.

However, at least the info was released to the public fast, and the locations were cleaned without delay.

The quick action by the authorities will hopefully contain the the spread from the TTSH cluster, which for some reason seems to be more virulent.

MS News wishes those infected a quick recovery.

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Featured image adapted from Google Maps.