Internet Explorer To Be Phased Out After 26 Years, Netizens Pay Tribute To OG Browser

OG Browser Internet Explorer To Retire By Jun 2022, Many Pay Tributes

Back in the 90s when computers were relatively few and far between, Internet Explorer (IE) was the default browser that everyone used.

However, as all good things come to an end, Microsoft has recently announced IE’s imminent retirement after 26 years.


Many have taken to social media to reminisce about the once phenomenal internet sensation.

Internet Explorer to retire by Jun 2022

On Wednesday (19 May), Microsoft announced the retirement of the IE 11 desktop application.


In the blog post, the company says that from 17 Aug 2021, all Microsoft 365 apps and services will end support for IE 11.

The date marks exactly 26 years after IE’s initial launch on 16 Aug 1995. By 15 Jun 2022, the browser will officially retire.

Taking its place is the new Microsoft Edge which many Windows users have become increasingly familiar with.


IE was once biggest player in the market

After its debut in 1995, IE was the go-to browser for the initial batch of computer users.

According to CNN, it had a near-monopoly of the market in the early 2000s. At its peak in 2002, it had 95% of the browser market within grasp.

However, it gradually lost its edge as more shifted towards other browsers like Firefox, Google’s Chrome, and Apple’s Safari.

Moving forward, Microsoft Edge will take on the mantle of vying with the other mighty competitors.

Many pay tributes to OG browser

Even though a lot has changed over the past 2 decades, Internet Explorer was once omnipresent on every of our desktop screen.

Therefore, the retirement of IE after 26 long years does represent the end of an era for many.

One netizen shared on Twitter how as a web developer himself, he recalls the browser’s golden days.


Another netizen reminisced about the time she spent watching shows streamed exclusively on IE.


And of course, many have jokingly referred to IE’s less-than-ideal response time, as users have experienced lags with the OG browser.


End of an era when many were still young

Granted, change is ever constant in our society, especially in the realm of technology.

Even though IE hasn’t been the go-to browser for many over the last few years, it does remind us of a time long gone.

When IE was all the rage, many of its users, like IE, were still in their prime.

So as we bid farewell to the iconic application, we thank it for all the memories.

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