‘Ip Man’ To Be Back With 5th Movie, Unclear If Donnie Yen Will Appear On-Screen

Donnie Yen Surprises Fans With ‘Ip Man 5’ Announcement

Buckle up, Donnie Yen fans, as there’s much to look forward to from the actor this year.

The actor will be making his on-screen return as Ip Man, four years after the franchise’s supposed end in 2019.

The movie series is based on the life events of the Wing Chun grandmaster who taught Bruce Lee.

‘Ip Man 5′ is set to be the sixth movie in the franchise, which currently consists of four parts and one spin-off film.

The iconic martial arts series’ return, as well as two other action films involving the actor, were first revealed at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Donnie Yen confirms return in ‘Ip Man 5’

According to Screen Daily, Mandarin Motion Pictures shared at the Cannes Film Festival that the ‘Ip Man’ franchise will be making a return. This comes four years after the release of its supposedly final instalment in 2019.

Donnie Yen himself later confirmed the news through an official poster of ‘Ip Man 5’ in an Instagram post.

Source: @donnieyenofficial on Instagram

Details on its release date and plot have yet to be released, but fans are already buzzing in excitement.

The film comes as a pleasant surprise to Ip Man fans, as ‘Ip Man 4: The Finale’ was previously released to mark the end of the series.

Fans were clearly devastated by the end of the series, as the film generated more than S$237m (US$176.3m) box office sales worldwide.

Source: Donnie Yen on Facebook

In fact — spoiler alert — his character supposedly died of cancer in the fourth film.

Nevertheless, the element of surprise makes the movie an all-the-more welcome addition to fans.

It thus remains to be seen how the fifth movie will unfold. Perhaps it’ll be a flashback of his past, or maybe he’ll come back to life somehow — we can never know with popular heroes.

Catch trio of Donnie Yen action films in theatres soon

The unexpected ‘Ip Man 5’ announcement came alongside two other action-film announcements.

They are namely ‘Flash Point Resurgence’, a sequel to ‘Flash Point’ starring Yen in 20o7, and ‘Misjudgement’.

Yen will reportedly be leading in all three movies, though his exact role is unclear.

What’s certain, however, is that the 59-year-old actor is still going strong with his craft, years after his on-screen debut in ‘Drunken Tai Chi’ in 1984.

That said, we look forward to seeing the new movies as they roll out in cinemas in the foreseeable future.

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Featured image adapted from Flickering Myth and @donnieyenofficial on Instagram.

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