Behind The Scenes Of Jamie Chua’s Instaworthy Photos: A Patient #InstaHubby And 100 Retakes

Queen of Instagram’s story behind that picture giving you #InstaEnvy

Socialite Jamie Chua has the best photos on Instagram, as affirmed by her 308k followers.

Surely the Queen of Hermes needs no further introduction, but here’s a brief one anyway. The former Singapore Airlines air stewardess famously asked for a S$450,000 monthly maintenance fee during her high-profile divorce with Indonesian tycoon Nurdian Cuaca in 2011, and has been living a life of luxury since.

And now there’s one more thing for us to be envious of – behind the lens of that picture-perfect shot lies a dedicated boyfriend or #InstaHubby, 44-year-old lawyer Terence Koh.

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According to Terence’s Instagram, true love never dies.

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To what lengths would he go to for love? We find out from his interview with StylexStyle.

1. Taking a hundred photos per pose for Jamie

On Instagram, she looks effortlessly chic all the time.

But in reality, Terence shared that a Tibetan monk’s patience is crucial to get that ideal shot.

His new year resolution? To “improve [his] photography skills, so Jamie won’t have to make [him] take a hundred photos per pose”.

Terence must have understood the stress Leticia had been through:

2. Being on standby 24/7 

Sounds like this job’s even tougher than his day job as a lawyer. This full-time job is “24/7, 365 days a year, and counting. There is never a day off.”.

3. Dealing with criticism

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Girls have standards of how they should look in photos, like whether the angle is flattering or not. Jamie Chua is no exception, and when Terence fails to deliver, she is clearly not one to mince her words.

When asked about the funniest remark Jamie has made about his photos, Terence said:

Your photo makes me feel suicidal! (laughs)

4. Having a lot of discipline

A full day at “work” sure sounds taxing. Here’s a peek into an #InstaHubby’s schedule:


I have to come up with 101 interesting places to shoot for the day before narrowing it down to two locations by lunch-time.


  1. The first thing I have do is to pack all my equipment: camera, lenses, extra batteries, and flash. I try to fit them into as small a bag as possible unless I am in the mood for lifting weights.
  2. Then, I chauffeur the subject (Jamie, haha!) and equipment to the shoot location.
  3. Shoot till I drop. There is no time to rest. Good lighting waits for no man.


I will have to continue shooting if the earlier session was a failure. Dinner break is permitted, but shooting continues during dinner.


Finally, I get to rest! However it’s time to edit the photos. A good photographer never truly sleeps.

We wonder where he finds time to perform his lawyer duties.

5. Knowing what’s the right thing to do

As they say, never incur a woman’s wrath. Terence sure knows what it means, and the perfect #InstaHubby revealed the trick to do so:

All I can say is, never challenge your woman when she remarks that your photos are not up to her standard. Keep going until she’s satisfied and nobody gets hurt. Everyone goes home happy.

6. Growing in the process 

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Looks like being an #InstaHubby has its perks too.

It has definitely made me a better and stronger man. (laughs) Instead of wasting time at a pub drinking with my buddies, I now hit the gym on a regular basis. I have to keep fit in order to survive my new job as an Instagram Husband!

And the reason he’s doing all these…?

If you are not up for shooting your queen, someone else will. So suck it up and get your act together, fellas! (laughs)

All in the name of love.



Props to the man who’s willing to do anything to keep his “queen” happy.

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