Japan May Let People Travel To S’pore In Nov, But Reminds Them To Fly Only When Necessary

Japan Set To Remove Travel Ban For Singapore & 12 Other Countries

As more countries around the world gain better control over the Covid-19 pandemic, essential travels are gradually resuming.

On Thursday (8 Oct), Japan announced that they are planning to remove the overseas travel ban for Singapore and 12 other countries.


This change is likely to come in November.

Japan plans to remove travel bans on 12 countries

With the ongoing pandemic, Japanese authorities currently ban travel to 159 countries.

But just like Singapore, Japan is looking to restart their flights to a number of countries, reported Channel NewsAsia (CNA).

Japan remove travel banSource

On Thursday (8 Oct), Japan announced that they plan to remove the travel bans imposed on 12 countries, including:

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Taiwan
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Korea
  • Vietnam

These changes are expected to take place in November.

However, amidst the good news, the authorities remain cautious, reminding travellers to only travel when necessary and essential.

As of now, Japan has removed two-way travel bans with countries like South Korea and Vietnam.

Japan eases quarantine measures for returning travellers

According to The Straits Times, Japan is also easing their 2 weeks self-quarantine requirements for certain business travellers.

Japanese and long-term visa holders returning to the country might not need to quarantine, depending on the airport testing capacity. But, these exemptions will come in limited numbers.

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To qualify for these exemptions, returning travellers would need to present an itinerary as well as a negative PCR Covid-19 test upon arrival.

Japan & Singapore previously had Green Lane

Japan is an important business partner to Singapore. Both countries also share strong diplomatic relations.

Back in September, a Reciprocal Green Lane has already been set up between the Singapore and Japan for business travels.

Japan remove travel banSource

The lifting of Japan’s travel ban on Singapore will mean one more step in the right direction of recovering from the effects of the pandemic.

One step closer to the day we can travel to Japan

Japan’s lifting of the travel ban is an acknowledgement of the way Singapore has been handling the pandemic.

While many of us are still longing for the day we can arrive on the shores of Japan and enjoy some sumptuous sashimi, this is definitely great news and an indication of getting closer to that day.

For now, let’s all do our part in curbing the spread of the virus so one day, our travel plans can see the light of day again.

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Featured image adapted from Nippon.

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