JB Checkpoint Flooded With People On 15 Sep, Police Officers On Site To Manage Crowds

Long Lines Of People & Vehicles Jam JB Checkpoint On 15 Sep

Throngs of people were seen at the Johor Bahru (JB) customs last night (15 Sep), to the point that police had to manage the crowds.

Some who were stuck in and around the Sultan Iskandar building documented their experience and posted the scenes on Facebook.

The situation was apparently so bad that some people questioned why there was so much traffic.

The incident comes after Malaysian Prime Minister (PM) Anwar Ibrahim stated that Singapore should do its part in easing congestion on the Causeway.

Police manage crowd at Sultan Iskandar building

On Friday (15 Sep), scenes of human congestion at the JB customs building made their rounds on various Facebook pages.

These pictures and videos showed masses of people stuck in what appeared to be multiple queues leading to the immigration hall.

Source: Jackson Yit on Facebook

Meanwhile, there appeared to be a sea of people packed in the hall itself.

Source: Jeff Lim on Facebook

One individual posted about the situation from outside the JB customs at around 8.30pm, though it’s unclear what time the crowd started to build up.

Source: Dennis Yeong on Facebook

However, it seems as though the congestion didn’t ease up until a few hours later.

At 10.40pm, there was still a long line of people in the immigration hall, as per a separate netizen’s post.

Source: Jayden Chim on Facebook

According to one observer on the scene, there were even police officers who helped with crowd control.

They periodically allowed groups of people to head up to the second floor of the JB checkpoint building.

Source: Macho King on Facebook

The OP noted that thanks to good work by the officers, there wasn’t any chaos.

More crowds observed in recent weeks

Following the incident, some have wondered what contributed to the large crowds on Friday evening.

One commenter observed that a long queue during peak hours is a “common scene in recent weeks”.

Source: Facebook

This could be due to more Malaysians working in Singapore and returning home daily because of the rental prices in the country, guessed the OP.

Meanwhile, there were similar scenes of congestion on the road, with one user lamenting the constant jam every Friday.

Source: Facebook

“Woiiii, what about the promised extra staff?” asked the OP. They then urged the authorities to have a plan to deal with the issue.

For Malaysians, today (16 Sep) is a Public Holiday as it is the country’s 60th Malaysia Day, reported The Star.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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