Jia Jia Misses Meals To Care For Panda Cub, Zookeepers Nourish Her With Supplements

Zookeepers Keep Jia Jia Nourished With Supplements As She Cares For Panda Cub

New mums spend most of their time caring for their newborn, which leads to a lack of sleep or even skipping meals—at least in Jia Jia’s case.

On Tuesday (7 Sep), Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) shared that Jia Jia misses meals to care for the panda cub. Fortunately, zookeepers are monitoring the hardworking mum, so she remains in good health.

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Mums will know that meals can fall by the wayside when beginning a life with your smol miracle.

Jia Jia forgets to eat when taking care of panda cub

Parents will do anything for their kids. And just like most mothers, it seems Jia Jia is making sacrifices to care for her little one.

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To ensure her well-being, zookeepers keep her nourished with liquid supplements packed with essential fluids, electrolytes, and glucose.

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Thus, this super mum has all she needs to keep her strength up and care for the panda cub.


Forgetting to eat is normal behaviour for new panda mums, so there’s no need to worry, according to WRS.

Singaporeans praise hardworking mum

Many Singaporeans reminded the panda mum to take care of herself in the comments section.

A netizen noticed Jia Jia’s long eyelashes, which accentuate her beauty. Kudos to this dedicated mum.


All animal mamas are the same, writes another netizen. They won’t eat until their baby starts to walk, and they keep them near until they learn to find or hunt food.


Another concerned fan believes Jia Jia must take care of herself. After all, a mum must be in good health to care for her baby.


Hope Jia Jia remembers to take care of herself

During the early days of motherhood, mums can forget to eat because they are busy tending to the needs of their children.

While sometimes the needs of a newborn can’t wait, we hope she will remember to take care of her health.

Rest assured, our local zookeepers will provide our beloved panda mum with all the essentials she needs.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Wildlife Reserves Singapore

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