Jia Jia Apparently Sighs Whenever Panda Cub Cries, But Is Adapting Well To Motherhood

Lead Caregiver Says That Jia Jia Is Tired But Adapting Well To Motherhood

Since the announcement of Jia Jia and Kai Kai’s new baby, Singaporeans could not wait to hear more about the cub.

S’pore Welcomes First Panda Cub; Kai Kai & Jia Jia Are Finally Parents

On Thursday (19 Aug), Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) shared that Jia Jia sighs in exhaustion every time her cub cries — something most mothers can probably relate to.

Nonetheless, the new panda mum is adapting well to motherhood, showing great maternal instincts in caring for her cub.

Jia Jia sighs whenever cub calls her

On Thursday (19 Aug), lead panda caregiver Trisha Tay shared an update on how Jia Jia is coping with being a new mother.

Much like many new mothers, she struggles with waking up and caring for her little one.

On days when she’s tired and the cub calls for her, Jia Jia would give a huge sigh but would always wake up and tend to it.

Trisha shares that Jia Jia is also growing into her role as a mother.

Image courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

The few days right after the birth, Jia Jia was exhausted. Fearing that she may accidentally squash the cub, Jia Jia’s carers regularly check on her to ensure that she’s alright.

But as the days went by, they found that she would be very mindful of her cub, picking it up and nursing it whenever it calls for her.

WRS team has been supporting Jia Jia

Trisha shares that the team had initially been excited but anxious about the birth of the baby panda and whether Jia Jia would be a good mother.

After all, there was always the possibility of her abandoning the cub or turning aggressive.

But seeing Jia Jia pick her baby up ever so gently after the birth assuaged their fears.

Image courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

The team has been continually supporting Jia Jia on her journey, offering her fluids and showing her affection.

Jia jia motherhoodImage courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

They have also been giving her encouragement to get through this crucial period of caring for a newborn baby.

Visitors can watch baby from live feed

Meanwhile, at the Giant Panda Forest, new father Kai Kai is holding down the fort.

Jia jia motherhoodImage courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

If you’re looking to visit River Safari soon, you’ll also be able to watch Jia Jia and the safari’s newest addition, the baby panda, from a live feed onsite.

Kudos to Trisha and her team

We’re so glad to hear that Jia Jia is coping well with motherhood and lovingly caring for her young one.

Kudos to Trisha and her team for their tireless work in caring for our panda family here in Singapore.

In the meantime, we can all look forward to more panda updates from WRS in time to come.

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Featured images courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

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