Joe Biden Defeats Donald Trump To Win US Elections, After He Won Pennsylvania

Joe Biden Wins US Elections 2020, Declares Associated Press & CNN

After a gruelling 4 days of vote-counting, the Associated Press has finally declared a winner to the US Elections 2020.


Democrat candidate Joe Biden has been declared the new United States President, defeating Republican candidate Donald Trump by 284 Electoral College seats to 214.

Alongside him will be Kamala Harris, the first bi-racial woman – she’s of Indian & Jamaican heritage – to hold the vice-president post.

Joe Biden win in key battlegrounds

The vote truly went down to the wire, with mail-in votes being counted 3 days after votes were closed.

The Guardian reports that a batch of ballots came in from Pennsylvania, which took Biden’s lead to over 30,000 votes.

The votes needed to win the election is 270, and the Pennsylvania win takes Mr Biden’s tally to 273.

Pending an inevitable lawsuit to dispute the votes, Mr Biden will become the new President of the United States in Jan.

Joe Biden acknowledges win declarations

For his part, Mr Biden has been quick on the uptake following the declarations, and his Twitter biography now reads “President-Elect”.


In his first tweet since the declarations, he promised to be a President to all Americans, whether they voted for him or not.


Looks like the race is all but called.

This is breaking news, we’ll update more details soon.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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