Kheng Cheng Primary Students Show Kids Adjusting Well To School Amid Covid-19

Monday (8 Jun) marks the first physical school day for lower-primary students and almost a full week of school for primary 6 students.

On the same day, Mr Ong Ye Kung paid a visit to Kheng Cheng Primary School and shared pictures of the lower primary students on their first day back.


While keeping a safe distance from each other, the student seemed to be happily engaged in classes, assuring Singaporeans that they are adjusting to the ‘new normal’ school life well.

Kheng Cheng Primary students all masked up

Mr Ong shared that all the students were safely masked up, queueing 1 metre apart from each other as they entered school.


Apparently, some parents told Mr Ong that their children were excited to return to school after 9 long weeks of Home-Based Learning (HBL) and school holidays.


Shooting hoops with safe distancing

Kheng Cheng Primary School’s young students epitomised safe distancing to a tee.

From greeting the school staff, class, and even physical education (PE) lessons, the students showed us how well they’ve adjusted to school life amid Covid-19.


The students were also excited to welcome Mr Ong into their classroom, with tables and chairs arranged into a typical ‘examination seating’ for safe distancing.


They even managed to shoot some hoops à la Michael Jordan, while keeping their masks on and maintaining a safe distance apart.


Netizens impressed by students’ behaviour

Netizens took to the comments to express their support for students’ return to school.

They were positive that their children would be safe in school, given the safety measures and precautions in place.


Others wished them well, praising them for their efforts too.


A ‘new normal’ may not be so bad after all

Seeing these young children look spritely and glad to be around their friends, even if they’re 1 metre apart, definitely gives us hope.

The ‘new normal’ is still a term we all dread, because of its ambiguity and the inconveniences and measures it holds. But looking at these kids still having fun and learning despite their physical boundaries proves that it may not be so bad after all.

Hopefully, the rest of us can experience the ‘new normal’ soon, too. It’s been a long 2 months, and we’re ready to embrace it, restrictions and all.

Featured image adapted from Facebook