Latest Measures To Protect Elderly By Prohibiting Parents To Drop Children Off At Grandparents’ Homes Daily

On Thursday (9 Apr), Singapore hit a new high of 287 confirmed Covid-19 cases in one day.

This is more than double of the previous record of 142 cases on Wednesday (8 Apr), which shows the Covid-19 situation in Singapore is worsening.

As such, the multi-ministry Covid-19 task force has taken swift action to update the ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures once more in hopes of keeping the pandemic under control.

Parents can no longer drop their kids at their grandparents’ houses

With the elderly being especially vulnerable to the Covid-19 coronavirus, the task force decided not to allow parents to drop their kids off at their grandparents’ places on a daily basis.

This is to protect senior citizens, who are exceptionally susceptible to catching the virus, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong was quoted by The Straits Times (ST) as saying at a press conference on Thursday (9 Apr).


If grandparents are really needed to look after children, the parents should leave their children at their grandparents’ homes for the entirety of the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, he added.

Parents who work in essential services will still be allowed to place their children in childcare facilities.

Citizens can also still visit their elderly parents that require aid, but should not drop by unless absolutely necessary, to limit exposing seniors to the coronavirus.

All sports stadiums to close

Separately, Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong said that all stadiums in Singapore will close.

Although stadiums were initially set to stay open so citizens could still exercise, the ministry has observed that large groups are still gathering there to work out.


He was quoted as saying by ST,

We have decided to close stadiums altogether, because if there is no compliance and if these venues continue to be used for congregation of groups, then we cannot allow that to continue.

However, citizens can still exercise in their neighbourhood alone, or with a member of their immediate family.

Please adhere to the measures

If the situation still does not improve, the ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures will only get stricter.

Let’s all be socially responsible and just stay home till the crisis abates, then we can go back to socialising and hanging out with each other.

Featured image adapted from My Active SG and Christian Outreach To The Handicapped.