Kinder Bueno Ice Cream Cones & Sandwiches Available In M’sia Are The Kinda Desserts We All Need

Kinder Bueno Now Available As Ice Cream Cones & Sandwiches, Starting From $1.80

When we think of Kinder Bueno, we think of a pair of crispy chocolate-covered wafers with hidden hazelnutty goodness on the inside.

As delicious as this sounds, it’s sadly more a snack and not so much a dessert.

But that’s all in the past now, as Kinder has come up with dessert versions of their classic offering — behold, Kinder Bueno ice cream cone and ice cream sandwiches.


You can get your hands on these affordable Kinder desserts at all Jaya Grocer outlets in Malaysia.

The ice cream sandwich goes for S$1.80 (RM5.50) while the ice cream cone goes for S$3.25 (RM9.90).

Creamy Kinder Bueno ice cream cone

If you like hazelnut, chocolate and ice cream, then this hazelnut ice cream with chocolate is definitely the one for you.


According to Penang Foodie, this delectable dessert is essentially a hazelnut milk ice cream with milk chocolate sauce in a crunchy cone. The ice cream comes with a thin layer of hazelnut cream — made of Ferrero hazelnuts — and a scatter of chunky chocolate bits right at the top.

Crunchy ice cream sandwich

But if this multi-layered ice cream cone is too much for your personal tastes, there is also the more down-to-earth option of the Kinder Bueno ice cream sandwich.


This Kinder ice cream sandwich is made of creamy milk ice cream sandwiched between cookies made of 5 different kinds of cereal.

We all know cereals contain nutritious grains, so nobody can say you’re not getting enough from munching on these all day.

Get your Kinder Bueno fix today

As stated earlier, you can get your hands on these goodies at all Jaya Grocer outlets in Malaysia.

Thank you Kinder for being kind to us, especially with Southeast Asian summer approaching.

Beat the heat with these sweet treats today!

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.

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