Kitten Hired As ‘Security Guard’ After Visitors Complain About Lurking Stray Cat In Office

Kitten Hired As ‘Security Guard’ By Brazilian Bar Association

We’ve all heard of watchdogs that help guard properties whenever the owners are away.

For this Brazilian bar association, they got themselves a ‘watchcat’ instead and here’s how it all started.

According to 9GAG, a stray kitten was seeking shelter at the Order of Attorneys of Brazil (OAB) building. Visitors ended up complaining against having the stray kitten lurking at the reception.


However, as people at the association loved the cat so much, they decided to hire him as an employee so it wouldn’t be labelled as a stray anymore.

Here’s an image of OAB’s newly minted employee, complete with a lanyard around his neck.


Kitten hired as ‘watchcat of OAB’

OAB named the kitten Dr Leon, O Advogato. If you look closely at his “staff pass”, he holds the position as “Vigia Da OAB”.


According to Google Translate, it means “Watchman of OAB”, or should we say, ‘watchcat’.

Dr Leon’s primary job scope is to welcome newcomers and visitors “whether they like it or not”.


Well, as the friendly cat he is, we’re pretty sure he’ll do his job well.

OAB has also gifted the Internet with a few other pictures of Dr Leon in a variety of office wear.

Dr Leon’s extensive wardrobe collection

According to the pictures, it is obvious that Dr Leon has a wide array of bow ties. Here are a few pieces from his collection.

In this picture, he is wearing a regular navy blue bow tie, probably to cope with his Monday blues.


He also has a bright red bow tie, perhaps for when he has to attend an after-work party.


For dress down Fridays, Dr Leon chose a casual-looking checkered bow tie along with a straw hat that perfectly complements his complexion.


And when he has to attend an important client meeting, Dr Leon even has a suit on standby. How professional.


When 9GAG shared Dr Leon’s employment story, the post went viral and garnered more than 3,500 shares in 10 hours.

Netizens are in love with Dr Leon

Netizens also started reacting to how hiring Dr Leon was the “best decision” ever made.

One of the netizen commented that hiring Dr Leon was the “Best decision. Ever” and she rests her case.


Another netizen even re-enacted a court trial scene to object against anyone who says a cat can’t be a lawyer.


This netizen even mentioned that Dr Leon has become a “legally registered cattorney”.


Many other netizens just couldn’t help but express how cute Dr Leon is.

Some also praised the Bar Association for hiring him so that he could continue staying in the building. How sweet.

Hope Dr Leon will excel in his new job

Landing a job at the Brazilian bar association definitely isn’t a piece of cake.

So congratulations to Dr Leon for successfully landing a full-time position at OAB. We hope that he’ll excel in his expertise at greeting people.


For more of Dr Leon, you can visit his Instagram page here. But do take note that he’s a busy pawfficer so he might not reply your messages so soon.

Feature image adapted from Instagram and Instagram

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