Korean Air Business Class Serves Steak The Size Of A Credit Card, One-Way Ticket Costs S$7K

Korean Air Passenger Disssatified With Meal Portions Despite Ticket Costing Nearly S$7K

With overseas travel picking up once again, passengers have had a range of different in-flight experiences.

While some have thoroughly enjoyed their meals on board, others experienced more disappointing service.

The latter was, unfortunately, the case for this passenger, who recently recounted his unsatisfactory experience on Korean Air. While flying business class, he was apparently served a meal with inadequate food portions.

That’s not the worst of it, though — the one-way ticket cost an exorbitant S$6,977 (6.48 million won). However, the passenger emphasised that the flight crew provided good service and that he appreciated their hard work.

Passengers disappointed with meal received on Korean Air business class

According to SBS News, the passenger shared his upsetting experience with Korean Air’s business class meal via social media last Monday (13 Jun).

Source: SBS News

The man was returning to Korea from Hawaii and had decided to splurge a little on the trip, spending S$6,977 on a one-way Korean Air “Prestige” business class ticket.

It was reportedly the man’s maiden trip abroad since the pandemic and he was naturally looking forward to the flight and business class service.

Source: Simple Flying, for illustration purposes only

The reality, however, did not match up to his expectations. 8world News said the man was surprised when he did not receive any blankets or drinks upon boarding the aircraft.

When it was time to tuck into his meal, the OP saw that it comprised just a few pieces of potatoes, a small piece of steak, very few vegetables, and half a cup of wine.

The cheese was apparently also sliced thinly “like sashimi”.

In the photo the OP took of his meal, the size of the steak looks comparable to that of a credit card, which he also included in the photo for comparison.

Source: SBS News

According to him, other passengers were similarly dissatisfied with their meal portions. Most of them requested ramen as they did not have enough to eat, so much so that the noodles ran out when the man placed his order.

Praised service of in-flight crew

The silver lining to the less-than-stellar meal, however, was the service of the in-flight crew.

The man said the crew managed to greet everyone with a smile, even after they had received numerous complaints.

Despite the reportedly meagre and unappetising food portions, the man shared that he finished his meal as he understood the pressure the crew was under.

His post has since created an online furore amongst netizens, many of whom accused Korean Air of skimping on service to earn profits.

A user even noted that the meal looked more like it was for the economy class instead of the business class.

Hope Korean Air takes feedback into consideration

Many airlines may be tightening their belts after suffering pandemic-related losses.

Even so, this does not justify undersized in-flight meals, especially for business class passengers. Nonetheless, kudos to the crew for still providing travellers with excellent service despite the negative feedback.

Hopefully, Korean Air will use the criticism to work on improving their in-flight meals for future flights.

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Featured image adapted from SBS News and Simon Coates on Flickr.

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