This S$84/Night Hotel Near Seoul Lets You Sleep In A Jail Cell & Actual Bus

Lamang Pension House In Gyeonggi-Do Has 10 Themed Rooms

You’ll definitely experience an unforgettable night at Lamang Pension House in
Gyeonggi-do, Korea — and we mean next-level themed rooms for a reasonable price.

The wacky complex boasts of 10 crazily styled rooms that resemble the interiors of a jail cell, bus and carriage.

Located in Gapyeong-gun in Gyeonggi-Do province –- the pension house is the ideal homestay for those going on a trip to Seoul to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom soon.

If you’re booking a trip to the land of K-drama, here’s what to expect at this quirky destination.

1. Jail cell with hole in the wall

Ever dreamed of being a movie character who attempts death-defying prison breaks?

This modern prison cell lets you live your life as a fugitive complete with a bed surrounded with grills and yellow tape that protect the sanctity of the crime scene.


You could try to escape through the hole-in-the-wall –- but we bet that you’ll be disappointed because you’ll come face to face with cold hard cement.


2. Bus with scenic views

Window watching is one of the greatest pleasures of travel, so we’re sure you’ll have a blast inside this bus that comes with a ‘scenic view’ of the countryside.


You might not have the comfiest nights on the bus seats but this cozy bedroom can surely help you escape from the city stress.


3. Sleeping with the polar bears

Visiting the North Pole might just lead to endless bouts of shivers and tremors, especially for those of us who’ve lived in a humid country almost all our lives.


Fortunately, this North Pole-themed room conjures the illusion of traveling to the land of the polar bears, minus the sub-zero temperatures.


4. Ride a ‘Lego’ carriage

The LEGO-themed LEOO room is covered in wallpaper with toy blocks and vibrant furniture.


If you have kids, we’ll bet they would love to pretend they are steering this colourful vehicle onward to their next great adventure. We’re wondering what the random ladder is for, but there’s only one way to find out.


Those who want to live like a real princess can opt for this pastel pink carriage with ebony accents instead.


The blushing pink interior of the bed within the carriage is guaranteed to make even Cinderella jealous. Her mode of transport may have been conjured out of a magical pumpkin, but you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep in this one.


5. Collapse in a shot glass with beer

Drinking is one way you can stay sane when life gets too overwhelming.

But if you want to take your love of alcohol to the next level, sleep inside this shot glass that seems to be filled with Heineken beer.


The plush green mattress look like the perfect place to collapse and forget all your problems.

6. Livin’ with Spongebob

The famous yellow sponge has captured the hearts of many ‘90s kids. If you’re a fan, you could sleep inside him too courtesy of this Spongebob-themed bedroom.


What we’re most excited about is catching or running away from wee little jellyfish.


7. Napping in safaris & jungles

Nothing can come close to the experience of napping in the middle of an African safari.
While you’ll miss the calls of nocturnal creatures, we’re loving the gorgeous backdrop of lush green forests and fountains.


8. Live like a king or queen

You’re bound to feel like the King or Queen of Hearts inside this room adorned with spades and clubs.


The room includes an outdoor patio where you can grill sumptuous Korean meat like samgyupsal, beef and pork.


9. Partying in Havana

Latino pop lovers eager to go clubbing in Havana can get their shot inside this disco-themed room with lots of illuminating lights.


A small disco orb lighting fixture transforms the dark room into a cascade of red and blue lights in the middle of the night.


It’s the ideal place to party all night long with the music of Latino pop artists like Shakira, Camilla Cabello and Jennifer Lopez.

10. Romancing your partners

This luxurious bedroom is adorned with doves that represent romance in Greek mythology.


The cute, white dove is often associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. It also represents loyalty in relationships which make it a symbolic place to celebrate your anniversaries with bae.


Excited to sleep in jail cells & buses?

You can book a trip from Singapore to Gimpo International Airport via SIA, AirAsia or Korean Air. You can then ride Noryangjin MRT station and get off at Gapyeong MRT station.

From there, walk to Yongsan station near Hongik University and depart at Gapyeong station. Afterwards, take a bus to Hongeun Church and take a 3-minute walk from the village’s bus station.

The rooms at Lamang Pension house start from S$84/night. It’s definitely a fair price to pay for a fun night inside a Havana-themed disco rooms or a shot glass with Heineken beer.

Address: 565 Jeryeong-ri, Buk-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Check in from: 3:00pm
Check out until: 12:00pm
Website: Lamang Pension House

Featured image from Lamang Pension House.

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