This S’porean Grandma Of 5 Started From The Bottom & She’s Now A Beauty Pageant Queen

Pageant Queen Laura Lee Independently Raised 3 Children, Now Cares For 5 Grandkids

Take a moment to imagine how a grandmother, with 5 grandchildren to boot, would stereotypically look like to you.

If you’re thinking about an elderly lady in a flower-printed matching clothing set, this 44- year-old woman is about to prove you wrong.

According to The New Paper on Tuesday (13 Aug), Laura Lee has 4 granddaughters and 1 grandson, and here is how she looks like.


Despite having to occasionally look after 5 grandchildren, Madam Lee is also a businesswoman, and a beauty queen.

Achievements in beauty pageants

When Madam Lee was crowned as the 1st runner-up of Mrs Singapore & Classic Mrs Singapore Pageant 2019, many were surprised to learn she’s a grandmother.

A picture of the winners of Mrs Singapore & Classic Mrs Singapore 2019

In addition to this title, Madam Lee also bagged the awards for Most Photogenic and Best Dressed.


This November, Madam Lee will be representing Singapore in Thailand for the Mrs Tourism Queen International Pageant.


Backed by her stellar record and experience in pageantry, looks like we’ll have a solid chance to win.

Life outside of beauty pageants

Apart from pageants, Madam Lee is also a successful businesswoman nominated for the SME100 Awards Singapore in October.

In addition to her life as a beauty queen, entrepreneur, and grandma, Madam Lee continues to stay in shape by going for weekly activities like salsa, netball and yoga.

Beauty tip: She also stays away from carbs at dinner time, and takes beauty supplements everyday.

Her life wasn’t all roses without thorns

If you’re admiring this seemingly fairy tale life of hers, life wasn’t always a bed of roses for her.

Having gone through a divorce 13 years ago, Ms Lee had to single-handedly raise her children despite her financial difficulties.

She also said that she could not show enough care and concern for her children in the past as she was too busy working to support the family.

Ms Laura Lee and her 5 grandchildren

Now that she’s financially stable and has more time in her hands, she is making up for it by bringing her grandchildren out for activities like ballet and swimming.

An inspiration to us all

Having learnt Laura Lee’s life story, it’s inspiring to see that that despite the difficulties faced earlier in life, she managed to rise above them and become who she is today.

If there was one takeaway we had from writing about Madam Lee, it would be that our hardships don’t define us.

After all, as the popular saying goes, “the good thing about hitting rock bottom is that the only way left is up!”


Feature image adapted from The New Paper and Facebook.

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