Lavender Flat Infested With Cockroaches, Town Council Convinces Resident To Clean Up

Neighbours Complain About Cockroaches Crawling Out Of Lavender Flat

In Singapore, most of us live in very close proximity to our neighbours. While this often allows for friendly interactions, it can also mean that our neighbours’ problems can become ours too.

At King George’s Avenue in Lavender, a man in his 60s has reportedly been hoarding items in his 3-room flat. Over the years, this has caused a cockroach infestation.

When a neighbour sprayed insecticide outside the unit once, hundreds of cockroaches allegedly crawled out.


Eventually, the Jalan Besar Town Council convinced the resident to clean up his house.

Elderly resident allegedly hoards items in flat

Over at Block 804 King George’s Avenue, an elderly resident has reportedly been hoarding items in his flat for years.


Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, neighbours said that 2 brothers had initially stayed at the 9th floor flat.

However, these days, it appeared that only the elder brother lived in it. Every day, he could be seen pushing a cart full of items he had collected into his flat.

Back in 2017, when the HDB block was undergoing upgrading works on their toilets, the man opened his doors and neighbours found that it was filled with knick-knacks he had collected over time.

A neighbour recalled that at that time, workers helped to clear up to 2 to 3 truckloads of items in the man’s flat.

Unfortunately, the man continued his hoarding ways and his flat was soon filled with items again.

Cockroaches often crawl out of flat into neighbours’ homes

A neighbour told Shin Min Daily News that despite him diligently cleaning the corridors every day, there always seem to be cockroaches coming from the flat.

He added that a foul odour even wafted from the flat.

On one occasion, the man’s next-door neighbour could not stand it any longer and sprayed insecticide at the plants outside his home.

To her horror, hundreds of cockroaches crawled out and the corridor was littered with cockroach carcasses.

lavender flat cockroachesSource

Ms Tan, a neighbour living in the unit below the resident, shared that the cockroaches would often climb into her home.

Another neighbour reportedly said that he had only learned about the situation after moving into his Lavender flat 4 years ago.

He commented that there was often a foul-smelling urine odour on the resident.

The flat was also allegedly filled with sundries which many neighbours worried would be a fire hazard.

So often, cockroaches would crawl out of the flat and into neighbours’ homes that they dubbed it the ‘cockroach house’.

Thankfully, after years of enduring the pests, the Jalan Besar Town Council managed to convince the man to clean up both the inside and outside of his flat.

Hope resident got the help he needed

It could not have been pleasant for neighbours to have to step past multiple cockroaches crawling in the corridor each time they were getting home.

After all, finding pesky creepy crawlers near and in our homes is a nightmare for many of us.

Nonetheless, we hope the resident got the help he needed to clear his home, making it a more sanitary and comfortable place for him to live in.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News on Facebook and Google Maps.

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