Poly Lecturer Wore Bunny Costume To Teach Students Teamwork And Students Loved It

Lecturer’s Interesting Teaching Methods

We thought its only the primary schools that make use of furry mascots to put their pupils at ease.

A lecturer at the Republic Polytechnic School of Hospitality seems to think her students are of the age to be won over by dancing bunnies.


Dancing Bunnies

Employing a tactic usually used by shopping malls to attract kindergarten-aged children, the unnamed lecturer put on a bunny costume and danced in front of her students during a lecture.

What’s more, she roped in her husband to do likewise. Imagine what stories their marital bed could tell…

Facebook video of the “performance” posted by netizen Joey Jason on Tuesday (Jan 17) went viral, hitting over 1400 likes and shares.

bunnies republic polytechnic


They’re The Best

Perhaps young adults nowadays are more easily entertained than we had thought.

Students were enthralled as the two bunnies danced to South Korean girl group 2NE1’s “I Am The Best”, with many cheering, laughing and trying their best to get an Instagram-worthy photo/video to show the world.


At the end of the dance, the bunnies unveiled their message: “In Events, Teamwork Makes The Dream Work.”

While the mascots definitely captivated the students with their slick moves, we’re not too sure how their dance was related to the message they were trying to send out…


Teamwork and… dancing bunnies? Nope, I still don’t see the link.

Positive Responses

While we’re scratching our heads wondering why polytechnic students still get excited over dancing mascots, many others took the time to leave positive comments on Facebook.

This user found the video so funny, he/she even used the word “funny” twice.


This guy absolutely loved it – his face says it all.


This person couldn’t resist a dig at Mediacorp’s Chinese New Year ‘dab’ video.


Not-So Positive Responses

This guy asked a question we all would like to know the answer to.


Another person encouraged his friend to do something similar. Is this going to end up being a new trend in schools?


Others felt this was all too childish, and they may be right.


Kudos To Bunny Lecturer

Thankfully, these two bunnies didn’t scare students, unlike these other creepy mascots.

Props to the lecturer for trying to liven up her lessons with her unique methods.

While the effectiveness of her teaching via dance is debatable, on behalf of all students throughout Singapore, we salute her for trying something new.

Featured image from Facebook

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