Lee Suet Fern Donates Beautiful Quilt To Charity, Funds Will Go Towards Disabled

Lee Suet Fern Donates Beautiful Quilt To Social Enterprise ‘Dignity Kitchen’

Those who’ve been paying attention to the members of our founding Lee family will know that Mrs Lee Suet Fern is a master quilter who has won awards at international festivals.

Normal folks like us have seen the beautiful creations of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s sister-in-law only in photos, but we’re already so enchanted by them that we’re wondering if there’s any way that she’ll sell them.

Well, now there’s a chance to own a quilt painstakingly made by Mrs Lee — she’s donated one of them to a social enterprise.

Proceeds from its sale will go to Dignity Kitchen, which helps disabled people, so you’ll be doing some good too!


Imagine this hanging in your living room

Imagine this quilt with a stunning design of a multicoloured bloom taking pride of place on your living room wall.

Then imagine your visitors gasping in admiration when you tell them it was made from scratch by the wife of Mr Lee Hsien Yang.


Mrs Lee made this during Covid-19 lockdown

While people get fat and watch Netflix during the ‘Circuit Breaker’, Mrs Lee spent her time creatively, making this work of art.

The quilt is named “Dignity Blooms” and it was made by her during the Covid-19 lockdown.

She didn’t just choose these eye-catching colours randomly; they each mean something, according to write up by Dignity Kitchen on Facebook.

The shade of navy, cobalt and royal blue reflect honesty and trustworthiness. The emerald green means harmony, freshness and renewal, while the fuchsias inspires confidence and assurance for the days ahead.


The colour combination and stitching of the quilt gives it literally another dimension, with the centre of the bloom appearing to glow, giving the work a 3-D effect.

That’s not all, the other side of the quilt has a colourful “paint splotches” design that’s contemporary but somehow goes well with the front.


Even when folded up, the quilt is a delight for the eyes, with its colours just jumping out from every corner.


It also has a sleeve on one side so a rod can be inserted and it can be hung easily.


4 living organisms hidden in quilt

To make the quilt even more unique, Mrs Lee stitched 4 living organisms in the quilt, which makes it a very good conversation starter.

Visitors to your home can have fun hunting for the bird, butterfly, ladybird and bee on the petals of the bloom.

We’ll give you one of them. Here’s the bumblebee:


For clues to the others, watch this video where Mrs Lee points out the approximate locations of the organisms.

However, even she couldn’t find the butterfly, having forgotten where she hid it..

Dignity Kitchen helps disabled & disadvantaged adults

Proceeds from the sale of Mrs Lee’s quilt will go towards Dignity Kitchen, a food court run by people with physical and intellectual disabilities, as well as the socially and mentally disadvantaged.

It’s started by Project Dignity, a social enterprise that aims to restore dignity to those who are differently abled and disadvantaged by giving them a vocation.

It sponsors the training of unemployed adults with special needs, who go on to work in the food and beverage, hospitality and retail sectors.


With proceeds going towards the renovation efforts of our new facility.

Quilt will be auctioned off, Mrs Lee will also donate amount

The quilt, which is approximately 106cm by 106cm in area, will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The group is planning to use the fund to renovate their new facility.

And as if it isn’t enough that Mrs Lee donated her own hard work, she’ll also make a donation, matching the winning bid dollar for dollar.

If you’re interested to view the quilt earlier than others, there’s an early bird viewing on Wednesday (30 Sep), from 9.30am to 2.30pm. It’s for the 1st 50 registered guests only, possible due to Covid-19 safe management regulations.

There’s also a public viewing on Thursday (1 Oct), from 9.30am to 2.30pm.

The auction will be conducted online, and it’s from 1am on 1 Oct to 15 Oct, 4pm.

If you’re interested in taking part, please contact Dignity Kitchen by phone at 6333 5668, WhatsApp at 8223 0954 or email at info@robertkhanco.com.


Putting quilting skills to good use

Mr Lee Hsien Yang’s family is lucky to have a master quilter in the family. He’s clearly proud of her, as he’s enthusiastic about promoting his wife’s work over Facebook.


He’s also been seen wearing her specially quilted face masks at walkabouts during the 2020 General Election.

While quilting is a handy hobby, especially when it comes to making face masks, kudos to Mrs Lee for using her skills to benefit the disabled.

Let’s hope the funds earned will help the social enterprise better support vulnerable members of our society.

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