Woman Viciously Attacked By Neighbour’s Dog In Lift, Authorities Reportedly Seized The Animal

25-Year-Old Woman Sent To Hospital After Dog Attack In Lift

What was supposed to be an ordinary day for a woman returning home turned into a horrifying one after she was attacked by a neighbour’s pit bull.

The woman in Colombia, unfortunately, sustained serious injuries as a result of the vicious attack.


The dog has since been seized by local authorities and might be euthanised.

Woman in Colombia ferociously attacked by neighbour’s dog

According to New York Post, the 25-year-old was putting on shoes in her bedroom when her neighbour’s dog suddenly attacked her.

The incident apparently happened on 17 Mar in the Colombian city of Cúcuta.

The dog, which did not have her muzzle on, repeated mauled the lady as she crawled into the hallway, hoping that a neighbour would save her.

However, as the dog jumped on her, the lady knew she wasn’t going to get help if she stayed where she was.

In a desperate attempt, she hurriedly tried to enter a lift to escape the fierce canine.

Lift CCTV shows woman desperately attempting to fight off pit bull

CCTV footage circulating online shows the woman crawling on her back as the lift door opened outside her apartment.


The assault, unfortunately, continued in the lift — the dog was seen biting the woman’s left arm as she raised it to fend off the attacks.


Seemingly in pain, the woman used her bloodied left hand to reach for the lift button.


A pool of blood can be seen as the lady lifted herself from the ground.

The dog continued the aggression and was seen tugging on the woman’s shirt and biting her legs and neck.

As the lift reached ground level, the canine proceeded to drag the woman out of the lift.


Suffered finger fractures as a result of dog attack in lift

According to La Opinión, a Spanish newspaper based in California, the dog stopped attacking the woman after they reached the ground floor.

Following the attack, the woman was conveyed to the hospital for medical treatment.

The lady reportedly sustained fractures to two of her right fingers as well as one on her left.

At the time of writing, the woman is reportedly still hospitalised and pending a transfer to a clinic for a medical procedure.

Residents said dog was always on a muzzle

Under Colombian law, all “potentially dangerous dogs” have to be muzzled in common areas of residential complexes.

Residents reportedly told La Opinion that the dog always wore a muzzle whenever the owner brought it out for walks.

They also alleged that the dog had never shown aggression to anyone prior to this.

Since the incident, local authorities have seized the dog. According to Daily Mail, they have 10 days to perform a “behavioural study” before determining the next step for the dog, which includes the possibility of euthanasia.

Hoping for woman’s speedy recovery

It must have been extremely frightening for the residents after learning of the ruthless attack that occurred within their neighbourhood.

While it remains unclear why the dog wasn’t muzzled, we hope dog owners will obey prevailing laws and do their part to prevent such horrifying attacks.

Most importantly, we hope the woman recovers swiftly and smoothly from her injuries. We can only imagine how scary it must’ve been when the attack occurred.

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Featured image adapted from Daily Mail.

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