Lightning Overshadows Sunset In The Sky On 7 May

May is expected to bring thundery showers with frequent lightning. Although the mere sound of thunder immediately prompts us to seek shelter, slowing down and witnessing Mother Nature’s fury could be a beautiful sight too.

One netizen did just that yesterday (7 May) and caught the marvellous sight of lightning bolts illuminating the sunset sky. That’s practically 2 natural wonders in 1 amazing shot.


Even if you missed the gorgeous scenery, these photographs have successfully immortalised this moment.

Bright orange cloud amid lightning on 7 May

Singapore resident Brent shared stunning lightning photos on the Nature Society (Singapore) Facebook page on Friday (7 May).


Some shots showed fluffy clouds hovering over a bright orange sunset, as though signalling an impending storm.


Indeed, just moments later, a huge bolt of lightning struck, illuminating the sky with the brightest, most fleeting flash.

Brent shared a video of the phenomenon shot in slow motion. He patiently waited for the lightning, and lucky for us, the rain didn’t come to ruin his shoot.

Stunning lightning electrifies the evening sky

Eventually, darkness fell, and the clouds took on a more gloomy hue. However, the show was far from over because multiple streaks of purple lightning bolts quickly stole the spotlight.


These vivid flashes of light remind us that Singapore is the lightning capital of the world.


Singapore experiences around 168 thunderstorms, reports The Straits Times. This number is a testament to the high lightning activity in our city.


Perhaps nature enthusiasts should look up to the skies every now and then to get rare treats. Hopefully, you’ll be able to witness the jaw-dropping vestiges Mother Nature brings.


Stay safe amid the thunderstorms

Lightning bolts are a sight to behold, but they surely look better when combined with the sunset.

Although the rain didn’t come this time around, remember to stay vigilant the next time lightning strikes.

Be ready with an umbrella on hand, or seek shelter if you see the skies turning dark. Stay safe while you’re out and about, and keep an eye out for more natural wonders.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook, courtesy of @brentfolan.