These Glowing Lightsaber Chopsticks Will Help You Kiap Your CNY Hotpot Liao With Extra Force

LED Lightsaber Chopsticks Sold On Lazada From $11

Christmas is upon us. And the last installment in the revived Star Wars franchise, The Rise Of Skywalker, has already hit theatres.

Since 2020’s Lunar New Year is only a month away, feast your eyes on this monstrous set of weapons we’ve uncovered.


Although none of us are fully fledged Jedis, what better way to flaunt your command of the force than wielding a pair of these glowing LED chopsticks?


Here’s how to get them just in time for your reunion hotpot dinners next year.

Glowing LED lightsaber chopsticks

Always wished you could slay Stormtroopers IRL? Now you can slay the competition to kiap the plumpest piece of chicken on the dining table — almost as satisfying in our opinion.


How’s that for impressing the ‘Baby Yodas‘ – aka your nephews and nieces – gathered round the table during Christmas or reunion dinners.

You can even aim for the best ingredients in the darkness, when night eventually falls.

Glowing LED lightsaber chopsticks

The sleek chopsticks appear to be clear, if the lights aren’t turned on.


Simply press the notch at the top of the chopsticks to activate the lights.


You’ll need 3 x LR41 camera batteries to power them. But you should be well-supplied once you purchase a pair, as batteries are included.

Sold on Lazada SG for $11/pair

We’ve spotted quite a few listings on Lazada SG, with prices starting from $11.


They also come in an assortment of colours, so you may want to decide if you’ll be reppin’ the Light or the Dark side of the Force.


Either way, we’re sure that your chopsticks battles won’t ever be the same.

Do note that shipping charges apply, but they are reasonable rates if you decide not to go with priority shipping.

Epic chopstick battles during reunion dinners

End-Jan marks the start of the Lunar New Year festivities, so CNY will come much faster than we think.

In preparation for your next festive gathering – Christmas, New Year & Lunar New Year included – consider equipping the fam with lightsaber chopsticks for a hilarious talking point.


Are you game to awaken the force within you when you jostle for the plumpest fishballs on the table this CNY?

We’d love to hear what you think of this ingenious invention in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Lazada SG.

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