This Is The Only Lion Dance Guide You Need This CNY

Since When Do Lions Even Dance?

Chinese New Year is upon us.

We’ll also soon be seeing the re-emergence of the annual dance of two people in a pantomime lion, accompanied by overly loud cymbals and drums — also known as lion dance.

But what is lion dance?

Why is lion dance a thing?

Well, wonder no more, because helpful Tumblr user irenydraws has come up with the ultimate guide for all you lion dance noobs.


The cartoon-y artwork comes complete with Comic Sans font, and details the various types and reasons behind the ancient Chinese art of a jungle cat attempting some contemporary to the thumping rhythms of Drum n’ Cymbal.


There’s even a helpful graphic for those of us who can’t the difference between a lion and a dragon.


All together now: “LIONS ARE NOT DRAGONS”.

And for the socially-awkward among us, here’s what to/not to do when the overly decorated lion approaches.


Also, here’s a couple of things you really shouldn’t be doing to those lions.


For more lion dance traditions and taboos, check out irenydraws’ original Tumblr post here!

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Featured image from Facebook.

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