Lucky Plaza Chicken Rice Stall With ‘Grumpy’ Seller Sees Long Queue, Customers Buy Multiple Packets

Lucky Plaza Chicken Rice Stall Sees Long Queue During Lunch Hours

A long queue is usually a good indicator of a stall serving tasty food. But others may claim also that “the meaner the stall owner is, the tastier the food will be”.

And nowhere is that seemingly more true than the infamous chicken rice stall at Lucky Plaza.

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After going viral recently for the owner’s grumpy attitude, eager customers formed a long queue at the eatery just a few days later.

Despite the snaking queues, customers were seen leaving the establishment satisfied with multiple packets of food in hand.

Lucky Plaza chicken rice stall has long queues despite ‘grumpy’ seller reputation

Photos and videos of the snaking queues first surfaced online on the Makan FM Facebook page on Tuesday (7 Feb).

During the lunchtime crunch at about 12.30pm, a long queue formed well past the store’s area and deep into the other end of the mall.

Source: Facebook

According to a Facebook post, the queue consisted of hungry patrons from all walks of life.

For a famous eatery, just two brothers were handling the whole operations of the business. And that includes order-taking and collecting payment as well.

Source: Facebook

The post also went on to say that most customers walked off happily, with many leaving with at least six takeaway packets.

While eating, the OP allegedly overheard someone ordering 45 packets of nasi ayam, proving the stall’s extreme popularity.

Reviews liken stall to Karen’s Diner

The queue could be attributed to the recent viral article by where they investigated the store’s polarising reputation.

The eatery, simply known as Fiie’s Cafe, is famed for its delicious nasi ayam but allegedly horrid customer service.

One user who penned a review on Google Maps hilariously likened the stall to Karen’s Diner, where customers are purposely treated with little to no dignity.

Source: Google Maps

On the other end of the spectrum, hardened customers described the brothers as “honest people doing honest business”.

Source: Google Maps

The review continues to say that those who have a problem should take their business elsewhere.

Whether the people running Fiie’s Cafe are grumpy or not, the long queue outside its stall is surely a testament to the fact that they’ve gotten something right.

Have you patronised the stall before and how did your experience go? Share it with us in the comments below.

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