Lucky Plaza Eyebrow Embroidery Allegedly Leaves Lady With Skin Infection, She Warns Others To Be Wary

Eyebrow Embroidery At Lucky Plaza Salon Allegedly Leaves Customer With Skin Infection

The pursuit of pain doesn’t come without a price. But for one unlucky lady, she got way more than what she bargained for, after an eyebrow embroidery session at a Lucky Plaza salon.

On Thursday (29 Apr), the lady in question took to Facebook to air her grievances and share an account of what happened.


Allegedly suffering from a skin infection as a result of it, she warned others seeking to procure the salon’s services to be wary and do their research.

Eyebrow embroidery procedure goes wrong

For the uninitiated, eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permanent brow-filling treatment which makes your eyebrows look fuller.

Coloured pigments embedded just beneath the skin’s surface will fade over time.

According to the post, the eyebrow embroidery procedure at a Lucky Plaza salon was a “nightmare”. The lady explained how the “irresponsible” beautician didn’t follow standard procedure when carrying out the treatment.

The first error was allegedly not removing the customer’s makeup, and subsequently not taking any measurements.

Throughout the treatment, the beautician reportedly didn’t allow the lady to look at the mirror, saying that she could do so at the end.

What resulted was heavily dark eyebrows which the beautician claimed would lighten in a few hours.


Unfortunately, the customer complained that she observed no change even after 2 weeks.

Lady allegedly gets skin infection

After checking with the beautician again, the lady was reportedly told that the lightening process would take a month instead.

It was at this point that she contracted a skin infection, for which she had to seek medical help.


The dermatologist she consulted ended up recommending 10 laser treatment sessions to remove the semi-permanent embroidery.

Left with “uneven and irregular” eyebrows, she advised others who may be intending to patronise the salon to think twice.

Salon didn’t offer an apology or a solution

Despite her distress, the lady claims that the salon has offered no apology or suggestion to help resolve her problem.

This is likely why she decided to share her experience on Facebook.

MS News has reached out to the salon for comments. We’ll update the article once they’ve responded.

Do your research when seeking professional help

Just like tattoos, receiving bad service for something that is somewhat permanent can be very distressing for anyone.

It is imperative that one does some research when it comes to picking the right professional for the job.

We hope that with time, the effects of the procedure will subside and the customer can face the world proudly again.

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