S’pore Women Accuse Beauty Salon Of Super-Gluing Lashes, Make PSA To Warn Others

Women Claim Beauty Salon Uses Super Glue On Lashes, Causes Eye Pain

With beauty salons a dime a dozen, customers scour for the best and most economical services for their beauty needs.

Cheap prices advertised and gorgeous pictures uploaded are 2 main factors that attract patrons.

Unfortunately for a number of patrons, they claimed they were left with pain in their eyes after undergoing eyelash extensions at Diva Lash and Nails in Parklane Shopping Mall.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday (9 Sep), one of the customers shared her experience at the salon, alleging that masking tape and super glue were used in fake eyelash extensions.

Super Glue LashesSource

The OP notes that this isn’t the first incident to have happened, as other patrons had reached out to her as well sharing the same ordeal.

Many allege super glue used for lashes

In addition to the super glue allegations, the OP also claimed that the lash extensions were not properly isolated, resulting in the spoilage of their natural lashes.

Super Glue LashesSource

Super Glue LashesSource

Accompanying the Facebook post are screenshots of messages the OP received from other unhappy customers.

Many shared that they suffered discomfort in their eyes as well after getting lash extensions at the salon.

Super Glue LashesSource

One also claimed that she ended up spending $129 for lash extensions with no touch-ups included — a sharp contrast to the salon’s $40 promo.

Super Glue LashesSource

Instagram images allegedly stolen online, staff has no experience

The OP went on to call out the social media account run by the salon as “gaslighting” the actual skills of the salon’s beauticians.


According to messages sent by other customers, they claimed that the pictures of the nails and lashes done at the salon were all sourced elsewhere online and passed off as their work.

There were also allegations that the expertise and experience of the beauticians were lacking.



Customers cry foul as price did not match quality & adverts

Under the Facebook tag #divalashandnails, a handful of women have come forward to share their bad encounters.

One claimed she got an eye infection and was charged more than double the price of what the owner had told her.



A few voiced out how they were supposedly scammed because they were persuaded to purchase higher-priced lashes for better quality, but it turned out to be an inferior product instead.


We have reached out to Diva Lash and Nails for comment, but they have yet to respond. We will update the article accordingly once they have.

Beauty does not have to be pain

There are sayings that go you must “suffer for beauty”, and that “beauty is pain”.

While we understand the context of that phrase to mean walking in heels or spending hours “putting on your face”, we certainly do not hope to be physically harmed when seeking beauty treatments.

We hope that the salon will eventually issue a clarification with regard to these concerning allegations, and clear the air once and for all.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Vaniday

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