McDonald’s M’sia Has New Spicy Shaker Fries

Gone are the seaweed shaker fries days. The spice wave is here.

McDonald’s Malaysia recently launched a new shaker fries flavour, and spice lovers are going to love it.


McDonald’s M’sia’s spicy shaker fries are only RM 1

With every meal that you purchase, you can choose to heat things up by “upgrading” your normal fries to shaker fries at just S$0.30 (RM 1).


This new flavour is perfect for those who are looking to add that extra spicy kick to your regular McDonald’s meal.

However, that’s not it.

McDonald’s Malaysia came up with a list of other new dishes to pamper your taste buds.

1. Sweet chilli fish burger

In case you’re looking for a spicy alternative to the favourite McSpicy, here’s a chance for you to surprise your tastebuds.


A piece of crispy fish fillet, topped with sweet chilli sauce, and tied together with the buttered bun from the Angus beef burger, this sweet chilli fish burger is a must-try.

2. Salted caramel ice cream

For those who are looking for a dessert with more dimension to the flavour than just sweetness, the new Salted Caramel ice cream might be the one for you.


This salty yet sweet dessert comes in two forms — sundae and McFlurry.

The sundae, being a cheaper option, is perfect for those who need a quick sweet treat, while the McFlurry’s for days you’re feeling a little more boujee.

3. Hotcakes with sundae

Lastly, if you’re a huge fan of the McDonald’s hotcakes, this dish will blow your mind.


Topped with a vanilla sundae ice cream, this pancake dish will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

You can also choose to spice up your dish with either a chocolate or strawberry dressing.

New flavours just 1 hour away

If you’d like to get a taste of these exciting flavours, you can travel down to the nearest Mcdonald’s Malaysia outlet — just a 1-hour bus ride away.

What do you think of these new flavours? Will you travel down to try it? Let us know in the comments below.

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