Fragrant Mala Toothpaste Helps Numb Sensitive Teeth With Peppercorn In 3 Spice Levels

Mala Toothpaste Is Available In 3 Spice Levels On Taobao

With the mala craze in recent years, companies have thought of ingenious ways of incorporating mala into their products.

But what we’re about to show you next is going to brush away all the other competitors.

Recently, 2 Chinese companies collaborated to produce limited-edition mala toothpastes that will spice up anyone’s teeth brushing routine. Yup you heard that right, tooth freaking paste.


Available in 3 spice levels

These mala toothpastes are the product of a collaboration between Leng Suan Ling (冷酸灵), a toothpaste company, and Xiao Long Kan (小龙坎), a hot pot company.


Just like your neighbourhood mala hotpot store, these toothpastes come in varying spice levels:

  • Mildly spicy (微微辣)
  • Medium spicy (中度辣)
  • Absurdly spicy (变态辣)


They also offer a fair share of oral care properties, from long-term teeth protection to sensitive teeth pain relief.


Received stellar reviews

These mala toothpastes surprisingly received outstanding feedback on Taobao.

As of the time of this article, the toothpaste received 128 reviews and was given a 4.9 rating out of 5.


Here’s a rather detailed review of the toothpaste from one of the buyers.


English translation:

I thought it would be too spicy at first, but found the “absurdly spicy” version of the toothpaste to be rather tolerable. As I was brushing my teeth, I could taste a faint peppercorn fragrance that reminds me of a steamboat. After brushing, my teeth feel spanking clean, and there’s no lingering smell that may cause others to assume that I just had a hotpot meal. 

For more information and reviews on the product, check out Leng Suan Ling’s listing here.

Appears to have sold out

Sadly, only 4,000 sets of mala toothpastes were available for purchase, they are all sold out at the time of writing.


We’ve also reached out to Leng Suan Ling to clarify if these mala toothpastes will be made available again in the future.

Interestingly, we chanced upon another Taobao user selling similar mala toothpastes.


Each tube of mala toothpaste will cost you S$5.97 (RMB 29.90). You can also purchase all 3 spice levels at a slightly discounted price of S$5.32 (RMB 26.63) per tube.

Do note that this seller does not have a Tianmao badge to its name, and no one has reviewed the toothpaste at the time of writing. So do purchase at your own risk.

If you would like to buy a tube, but are unsure of how Taobao works, check out this guide.

Fresh peppercorn breath before you sleep

With the huge mala fandom here in Singapore, we hope the two Chinese companies behind these unique toothpastes will consider launching them in Singapore.

Otherwise, let’s hope other toothpaste companies here will take on the mantle and produce similar kinds of toothpaste for us to enjoy.

Meanwhile, if you know someone who wouldn’t mind going to bed with a lingering mala fragrance in their mouths, tag them in the comments below!

Featured image from Taobao

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