Malaysian Couple’s ‘Drive-Through’ Wedding Ceremony Shows That Love Finds A Way Despite Covid-19

Malaysian Couple Get Married In True Touch ‘n Go Fashion

A couple in Malaysia has gotten married despite the Covid-19 pandemic, and they did so in the cutest and most creative of ways to enforce social distancing: a drive-through ceremony.

The union was shared on Facebook by the couple’s wedding planner Dinas Bridal.

Malaysian couple staging a drive-through wedding reception.

In true Touch ‘n Go fashion (or rather, Greet ‘n Go), guests drove up to the couple, greeted them through the windows of their car, then dropped their “contributions” into a box. They then moved on for the next guest to repeat the pattern.

Greeting the happy couple through car windows

From the photos posted on Facebook, we can see that the couple was stationed at a single location, while guests drove by in their cars.

Malaysian couple greeting guests from the spot

Practising the responsible habit of social distancing, all forms of greeting happened through the car window, via a hand on the chest, and no direct contact.

The couple greeting guests through their car window

The guests also greeted the couple from their cars by placing a hand over their chest.

A guest using hand signals to greet the couple

Contributions go in a box within arm’s length

Guests then gave their contributions to the couple by dropping them off in a box conveniently located within an arm’s length of their car.

Maintaining peak social distancing

The couple also gave guests food packets to thank them for coming.

A guest receiving food from the groom

And the cycle repeated itself.

The happy couple greeting guests.

Life goes on despite Covid-19

We think what the couple did is an innovative and memorable way to carry out a wedding despite the challenges of Covid-19.

This couple showed perfectly that with proper planning, you can still get hitched without a hitch. Perhaps if every wedding couple in Malaysia followed suit, the country would not have to ban weddings?

All we have to do is remain socially responsible in our actions and practise good hygiene habits.

See this video to find out how to stay safe despite giving people the personal touch:


We wish the couple a happy marriage and all the best for their future.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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