M’sian SMRT & SBS Transit Staff Get To Stay In Hotels, So Life Can Go On For S’poreans As Usual

Malaysian SMRT & SBS Transit Staff Spend The Night In Proper Accommodation

Malaysia’s lockdown order came fast, furious, and abruptly. This left many Malaysians who work in Singapore with a very short window to decide on their plans for the next 2 weeks.

For those that decided to stay in Singapore and continue working, finding accommodations at the last minute proved to be a challenge.


Thankfully, SMRT and SBS Transit stepped in to help their Malaysian staff and made the socially responsible decision to house them in hotels.

SBS Transit thanks staff for agreeing to stay in Singapore

It is tough to have to work in another country to support your family, and it seems SBS Transit understands that.

In their Facebook post yesterday (17 Mar), they thanked their Malaysian bus captains and rail staff for agreeing to stay in Singapore, away from their families.

SBS Transit thanks staff for agreeing to stay in Singapore

A photo in their post shows Malaysian SBS Transit staff travelling to their accommodation in true Singaporean style — via SBS bus.

Malaysian SBS Transit staff being the passengers for once

Another picture shows staff happily holding keycards. It seems they checked in at a pretty luxurious hotel last night.

SBS Transit staff holding on to ‘keys’ to their accommodations

While it hasn’t been specified, staff will presumably be housed in hotels for the next 2 weeks.

SMRT staff enjoy McDonald’s before checking in

Likewise for SMRT, bus captains and technicians were transported to their accommodations via company transport, literally.

Malaysian SMRT staff pose happily for a picture

It seems they got to enjoy some delicious goodness in the form of McDonald’s before they turned in for the night.

Casually chillin’ as they enjoy their McDonald’s

It seems that SMRT also housed their staff in hotels, judging from the safe and wall-mounted TV typically found in hotels.

SMRT staff hanging his uniform for the next day

Netizens thankful all around

Although Singaporeans don’t face the same lockdown order, locals understand the enormity of the decision Malaysians working in Singapore had to make. They are hence very thankful for those that decided to stay in Singapore to continue working.

One netizen labelled Malaysians as friends, and thanked them for their selflessness to stay so that life here can go on as per normal.


A Malaysian netizen thanked local public transport operators for looking out for those that decided to stay.


Another netizen thanked not just SMRT or SBS Transit staff, but all Malaysians working in other sectors as well.


Shout-out to all Malaysians that decided to stay in Singapore. It mustn’t be easy to leave your families behind for 2 weeks so suddenly, we thank you for all your sacrifices.

Here’s to wishing the next fortnight goes smoothly for you.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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