M’sian Man Quits Job To Become Full-Time Caretaker For Bedridden Mother, Calls It The Best Decision

Malaysian Man Quits Full-Time Job To Care For Bedridden Mother

Taking care of family is one of the most noble endeavours one can do, especially when it is done alongside work or school.

Recently, one Malaysian man took filial piety to a new level when he quit his job to become a full-time caretaker for his bedridden mother.

In a TikTok video that has now gone viral, he took viewers through a day in his life tending to his mother, from feeding her to giving her a bath and even cleaning her medical equipment.

man care bedridden mother

Source: TikTok

His great gesture of love left many touched, and prompted some to share their own experiences of caring for their parents.

Man takes care of bedridden mother by changing diapers & giving medicine

Alif, a.k.a. @alifr0z on TikTok, recently posted a video titled ‘Life after quitting my job to become a full-time caretaker for my mother’.

@alifr0z Left my 9-5 corporate job to take care of my bedridden mak and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Sumpah lagi puas jaga sendiri. #adayinmylife #caregiver #caretaker #Bedridden ♬ Oke work that imaged the Ghibli-like forest – CRAFT SOUND STUDIO

Describing himself as ‘just a son serving his mother’ in his profile bio, Alif regularly posts content about tips for home nursing care and everyday life as a full-time caretaker.

In his video, the young man revealed that he used to work a 9 to 5 job before leaving to care for his bedridden mother.

To start the day, Alif first changes his mother’s diapers, which needs to be done six times a day.

man care bedridden mother

Source: TikTok

He then prepares her medicine and insulin, before making milk for her. This is her meal, and Alif feeds it to her via a tube every three hours.

With all that out of the way, Alif gets a bucket, towel, and soap water to give his mother a bath.

He also cleans her tracheostomy tube, a device that is placed into one’s trachea to keep it open for breathing, according to Mayo Clinic.

man care bedridden mother

Source: TikTok

It is clear that Alif has been doing this for a while, as he shared via onscreen text that he is getting “so good” at it.

To complete his mother’s hygiene routine, he also helps brush her teeth.

Also helps with house chores like laundry & cleaning

Alif’s role in his home goes far beyond that of a caretaker. He also carries out various house chores like laundry and cleaning up his mother’s room.

In between, he makes time to flip his mother over in her bed at intervals throughout the day to prevent bedsores.

On top of that, he even tries to keep her entertained by putting on her favourite TV show.

man care bedridden mother

Source: TikTok

Not forgetting to factor in physical activity, Alif also facilitates a physiotherapy session for his mother.

Fortunately, Alif is still able to squeeze in a few moments of me-time. In a few scenes, he is seen cooking up a quick lunch for himself and going for a run to destress.

man care bedridden mother

Source: TikTok

He then ends the day by whipping up dinner for his whole family.

In concluding the video, he remarked that becoming a full-time caretaker was the “toughest decision” he ever made.

That said, he also considers it the best.

Viewers share own experiences of taking care of parents

Many viewers found Alif’s story deeply moving. At the same time, it inspired some of them to share their stories of being caretakers to their parents.

One commenter encouraged Alif to stay strong and shared that she was her mother’s caregiver.

Source: TikTok

Although she has since passed on, the viewer said they have no regrets, having served their mother until her last breath.

Another viewer said that their “their heart is tender watching this video”. They added that his experience reminded them of how they once cared for their mother, who was also bedridden.

Source: TikTok

Meanwhile, another TikTok user said they believe there are bound to be times when Alif cries alone without anyone knowing.

man care bedridden mother

Source: TikTok

Lastly, one viewer said they enjoy seeing children shower their parents with such care.

Source: TikTok

Putting his future on hold in such a way speaks volumes of Alif’s character and his love for his mother.

We hope that his mother’s health will improve eventually and that she and Alif will see brighter days ahead together.

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