Man Takes Crab For A Walk, Netizens Joke S’pore’s 33°C Heat Might Cook It

Singapore Man Takes Pet Crab Out For A Walk

We often see people going on walks with their beloved pet dogs.

But, recently, a new trend seems to have emerged, and it involves people taking their crabs on walks.

Last Sunday, a man shared on Facebook that his friend decided to take his crab out for a walk as the weather was rather pleasant.

man crab walkTranslation: Today’s weather was good, so my friend decided to take his house’s crab for a walk

Many netizens joked that the weather these days is so warm that crab would end up being cooked in the 33°C heat.

Man takes crab for a walk on 13 Jun

On 13 Jun, a man shared on 走,新加坡 (Walk, Singapore) Facebook group that his friend decided to bring his pet crab for a stroll.

man crab walkSource

The crab appears to be leashed too. There is a blue raffia string tied around one of its pincers.

man crab walkSource

Even though crab walks might not be common practice here, the man looks like he enjoys the stroll like it is the most natural thing to do.

Netizen jokes hot weather will cook the crab

Many netizens were amused seeing the man walk his crab.

Some jokingly asked if the ground would become so hot due to our warm weather that it ends up cooking the crab.

Translation: Will the floor be so hot it gets cooked?

Others quipped that he was probably bringing the crab to a food stall to be cooked.

Translation: Should be bringing it to a food stall…

Meanwhile, one netizen wondered if walking the crab would make it tastier in some way.

Translation: Does walking crabs make them tastier?

Taking crabs on walks apparently makes them meatier

Well, we aren’t sure if walking your crab makes them tastier but the netizen is not alone in thinking that way.

The boss of House Of Seafood was also seen taking crabs on a walk recently. He claimed that the exercise would make them meatier.

Seafood Restaurant Takes Crabs For Stroll In Punggol Park

Perhaps you’ll want to try the crabs at the seafood restaurant for yourself when dining in is back on the table and see if that theory holds true.

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Featured images adapted from Facebook.

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