Man Tests Masks By Blowing Out Flame, Pits N95 Against Homemade Masks

TikTok User Was Unable To Blow Out Flame With Surgical, N95 & Copper Masks

As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on globally, masks have become mandatory in many countries.

Walking along the streets, people are now donning a variety of masks — but how different are they?

A user on TikTok named Vince Limbaring Dizon decided to put different masks to the test by wearing them and trying to blow out a flame.


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Disclaimer: The TikTok user’s ability to extinguish the flame while wearing each type of mask might not be indicative of the respective’s masks effectiveness in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Flame could not be blown out with surgical, N95, and copper masks

The TikTok user starts off with most of the commonly-used masks such as the surgical, N95, and copper variant.

The surgical mask fared ‘well’ and the flame could not be extinguished despite him blowing on it several times.


Expectedly, the N95 mask also fared similarly and he could not blow the flame out while wearing it.

masks flameSource

He saw similar results with the copper mask on, despite exaggerated attempts at extinguishing the flame.

masks flameSource

Flame easily blown out with homemade mask and shirt as masks

The man also put other self-made masks to the test.

With his first homemade mask, the flame was blown out on just his first try. This happened multiple times.

masks flameSource

Some people have also been using their shirts as a makeshift mask. When he tested that out, it fared ‘poorly’, with the flame being blown out quickly too.

masks flameSource

This is especially relevant to those who are making their own masks as the material used might make a huge difference in how well-protected you are.

Understand the differences in masks

While wearing a mask in itself is necessary and commendable, it is also important what type of mask we are wearing.

The TikTok user also mentioned that he did the video to help his audience understand the differences across the types of masks.


Recently, we have also seen how the type of masks worn or what constitutes a mask can become a point of contention too.

Candle test might be useful in filtering out ‘masks’ that are sub-par

A physician from the prestigious Harvard Medical School said that the ‘candle test’ might be useful in filtering out masks that are “clearly not doing their job“.

However, she cautioned that it might not be an effective test to determine the amount of particles released while we speak or cough.

Know which masks are effective

In Singapore, it is currently mandatory to put on a mask as long as you are outdoors.

During this time, we have also seen many different innovative mask designs being launched.

While any mask is better than no mask, this TikTok may have shown us that not all masks are equal.

Featured image adapted from TikTok.

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