Bubble Tea Mask With Straw Opening Lets You Sip Away Without Hassle, A Tea-rrific Idea

Bubble Tea Store In Philippines Invents Hassle-Free Mask

The sweet sugar rush as the cold, refreshing milk tea slides down your throat, that first bite into a chewy pearl and the inevitable sigh of happiness that follows.

Singaporeans have long succumbed to our bubble tea addiction. We take our bubble tea seriously.

With masks being mandatory, some felt robbed of the once taken-for-granted pleasure of slowly sipping on their bubble teas while roaming the streets.

A bubble tea store in Philippines has now come up with a solution to this.

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They invented a mask with a straw opening for you to sip away, hassle-free.

Bubble tea mask has straw-sized opening

The bubble tea mask is sleek and black with one defining feature — an opening with a cap that can be popped open to nicely fit a straw.

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You can pop the cap back on once you’re done with your drink, so the mask will still offer full coverage for safety.

This mask is sure to become a best-tea to bubble tea lovers.

Mask invented by Philippines bubble tea stall

A bubble tea store in Manila, Philippines, Gallontea came up with the face mask idea to give people a hassle-free drinking experience, while still staying safe.


The mask allows you to sip on your favourite drink without constantly pulling your mask down.

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Definitely a welcomed edition to the plethora of inventive masks we have seen.

Netizens have been waiting for this mask

Many netizens responded with great enthusiasm to the bubble tea mask.

Some going as far as to claim the mask is a “genius” invention.

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While others say they have long awaited this invention.


This netizen even claims that this is definitely an essential.


However, some people had reservations about it, claiming it will be used for other purposes like smoking.


Nevertheless, this is definitely a mask that will make life a lot more convenient. You can even show the mask off to your friends to make them jelly about it.

Maybe we’ll see it come to Singapore someday. Big hint to Singapore’s bubble tea stalls!

Masks are here to stay

The fight against Covid-19 continues, proving that masks are here to stay for a while.

We have seen extremely innovative creations, from homemade masks to uniquely Singaporean designs and even a ramen mask.

This is definitely a mask that is functional in more than one way.

Be a responsible citizen even while indulging in your bubble tea cravings.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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