Realistic Ramen Mask Design Paired With Foggy Glasses Is A Real Mood

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Realistic Ramen Mask Design Appears To Be Made From A Velvety Material

Companies have come up with creative designs for face masks, as more and more people don them in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

From adorable ones that pay tribute to Animal Crossing to more mysterious Harry Potter masks, it seems there’s no limit as to how creative one can be when designing this now-essential accessory.


Recently, a realistic ramen mask has taken the internet by storm. While it remains merely a design, impressed netizens couldn’t help but feel bewildered as to why it isn’t actually a thing.


Ramen mask design has realistic bamboo shoots and pork belly

Japanese artist Takahiro Shibata – who goes by the handle @iine_piroshiki on Twitter – first shared images of the unique mask on Monday (13 Jul).

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The designer joked that the mask is made for people who wore glasses, and that the temperature of the ramen would depend on how misty the user’s spectacles are.

Based on the pictures, the mask seems to be made from a soft velvety material.

The mask is mostly red, representing a typical ramen bowl.

The upper portion of the mask is ‘adorned’ with generous portions of liao like pork belly, chives, and fish cake.


Many might chose to remove the bamboo shoots from their ramen, but the ones here look so realistic that they’re almost impossible to hate.

Not available for sale as of now

Sadly, the ramen mask appears to be only a design for now.

However, the designer appears to have an online shop of his own, selling a myriad of handicrafts from mask cases to earrings, and even brooches.


Nonetheless, MS News has reached out to the designer to enquire if the ramen mask will ever be available for sale.

Creative designs like this make wearing mask more enjoyable

Unique designs like this bring joy to the dreaded mask-wearing experience. We hope other designers will come up with similarly innovative mask designs in the near future.

Meanwhile, if you’d like the ramen mask to be made available for purchase, leave a comment down below! You never know, the designer might well be using it to gauge interest levels.

Featured image adapted from Twitter

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