Man At Siloso Beach Called Out For Secretly Photographing Women, He Admits Mistake & Apologises

Man At Siloso Beach Allegedly Snaps Photos Of 2 Women Without Their Consent

A day out at the beach should involve some fun in the sea and plenty of time in the sun. What shouldn’t be part of the equation is an unsavoury encounter.

That was the unfortunate ending for a day out for these 2 women who had their photos taken by a man at Siloso Beach.


After calling the man out, the pair discovered that he had taken 9 photos of them throughout the day.

Caught red-handed, he admitted to photographing the women and apologised for his actions later.

Man points phone at women at Siloso Beach

On Tuesday (18 Jan), a Twitter user started a thread about her encounter with a man at Siloso Beach.

In a series of tweets, she recounted her encounter which started when she noticed a guy walking past her and her sister several times.

Choosing to ignore him, the pair were preparing to leave when the woman noticed his phone pointed towards them.

She claimed that the man’s finger was on the volume button, which for iPhones is a shortcut to snap photos on the camera app.

9 photos of the women found in man’s phone

She then confronted the man and asked if he was taking pictures of them. However, he allegedly feigned ignorance and asked the woman if she was talking to him.

At this point, she walked up to him and asked if he could show his phone gallery.

Her suspicions came true when she allegedly saw 9 photos of her and her sister on the phone.

Videos of the interaction were filmed and uploaded on Twitter. From the verbal exchange, it appeared as though the man was trying to calm the woman down by saying “it’s okay”.


All this while, he also attempted to initiate skinship by putting his arm around her shoulder or touching her by the waist.


It is believed that she snatched his phone and was able to delete 8 of the 9 pictures.


Man sheepishly apologises for actions

After the confrontation on the beach, the pair ran into the man again at a later time that day.

This encounter was filmed, and in the video, the man admitted to having a girlfriend.

man siloso beachSource

The woman also claimed that he was photographing them while his girlfriend was in the vicinity of the beach at the same time. However, we cannot confirm this.

The man then continued to sheepishly apologise and provide the women with a name that they dismissed to be fake.

In a separate tweet, she said that the man confessed that had planned to share the pictures he had taken with his friends.

Sends lengthy apology via Instagram DM

Perhaps aware of the gravity of his actions, the man also sent a lengthy apology message via Instagram, which the woman shared in another tweet.


Recounting his actions in detail, he tried to explain his side of the story before offering a formal apology.

He then confessed to his mistakes and expressed remorse for his actions.


Despite his efforts, the woman maintained that his actions were inexcusable, especially since the photos allegedly captured their bodies with their “faces barely recognisable”.

Kudos to the ladies for standing up for themselves

Legalities aside, the man’s actions are unethical and distasteful, to say the least.

We hope such an incident will never happen again, so everyone can feel safe in public spaces.

More importantly, we hope this serves as an important reminder of the basic decency and respect that everyone should uphold when it comes to personal boundaries.

Kudos to the ladies for standing up for themselves.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter.

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